Add Gov. Tony Evers to the list of people in Madison who are thinking about raising the state's gas tax.

The governor told a crowd in Milwaukee Monday that a gas tax increase is an option that's on the table. Wisconsin's gas tax is currently at nearly 33 cents a gallon, the governor didn't say how high he'd like to see the tax go.

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Closs homicide-kidnapping suspect transferred to Polk County jail

Barron County authorities confirm the man accused of kidnapping teenager Jayme Closs after killing her parents has been moved to another jail.

Twenty-one-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson was moved to neighboring Polk County Monday night. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald calls it an "administrative decision," saying no one had threatened Patterson. He will be returned to Barron County for court appearances.


Report: Wisconsin Girls Are More Anxious

The 12th annual Alverno Report finds Wisconsin girls ages 10-19 are more anxious every year.

The report is titled "The Status of Girls in Wisconsin." It finds more than 22 percent of girls in the state considered suicide last year. Much of that can be blamed on increasing social media activity. There are positives in the report - including a continued decline in teen pregnancy rates and less smoking by girls.


Minnesota Man Charged With Stalking 16-Year-Old Co-Worker

Charges of stalking and child enticement have been filed against an Eau Claire grocery store manager. Twenty-two-year-old Robert Sahr of Chaska, Minnesota, is accused of sexually harassing a 16-year-old boy who worked in the stores. The victim says Sahr started by hugging him but progressed to having him sit in his lap and putting his hands inside the boy's pants. The victim says Sahr grabbed him from behind and said he was going to rape him. Sahr was fired in November.


Federal Workers Hit By Shutdown Seeking Unemployment Benefits

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development reports more than 425 unemployment claims were filed by federal workers last week. There are 29,000 workers normally on the federal payroll in Wisconsin. Those who have been impacted by the partial federal government shutdown have been encouraged by Gov. Tony Evers to seek the benefits while they aren't being paid. Federal workers who aren't being paid, but are still on the job, aren't eligible for the benefits.


Evers To Push For Medicaid Expansion Despite GOP Opposition

Republican legislative leaders call Medicaid expansion a "non-starter," but Wisconsin's governor says he will keep pushing for it.

Gov. Tony Evers met with Republicans Tuesday to talk about priorities for the current session. Evers thinks he will convince Republican lawmakers of his point of view. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says he'd rather talk about areas where common ground can be found with Evers - like education, transportation and workforce development.


Report Says Problems Persist In Wisconsin Youth Prisons

Conditions are better at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake, but a monitor says there are still some problems. The ACLU released a report on Wisconsin's youth prisons Monday. The report says guards are still using pepper spray on young inmates to get them under control and leaving some inmates in solitary confinement for too long. The state of Wisconsin settled a lawsuit last year that focused on conditions at the two prisons.