Madison police say they have taken a 34-year-old man into custody after he called 911 and reported he had used an ax to destroy his own property.

The man's name hasn't been released. He reportedly went on the rampage after thinking his wife had damaged his action figures. The man told police he used the ax to damage the family car, knocking off both side-view mirrors and embedding the ax in the windshield. He later admitted he had overreacted after having too much to drink.


Woman pulled from car submerged in Baraboo River

Emergency responders say they don't know how long a woman was submerged in her minivan after it was driven into the Baraboo River Monday morning.

The accident happened near Caledonia Township in Columbia County shortly before 7:30 a.m. The woman's name hasn't been released. She was pulled out of the submerged vehicle and taken to Divine Savior Hospital in Portage where her medical condition isn't known.


Boy, 9, dies after falling through ice in Sparta

First responders were only able to save one of the boys who fell through the ice covering Sparta's Perch Lake Sunday afternoon.

Ropes were used to rescue a 12-year-old and another child was safely on the shore in Fisherman's Park when rescuers arrived. Dive teams used underwater cameras to find a nine-year-old boy who was submerged. He was pulled out and taken to a Minnesota hospital, where he died. His name hasn't been released.


Hurley voters to decide fate of ‘Midgets’ school mascot

When people living in Hurley go to the polls in April, one of the ballot questions will concern the local school district's athletic mascot.

For more than 80 years the Hurley Midgets have been playing sports. In the modern politically correct era, that mascot symbol is considered offensive by some. Voters who submit a "yes" vote April 2 will be supporting the idea of coming up with a plan to change the mascot and decide on a new one.


Owner of Eau Claire dance company accused of child sexual assault

The 39-year-old owner of a dance company in Eau Claire is accused of touching an under-age girl inappropriately.

Todd Paulus also faces charges of child abduction because the girl met him away from her home without her parents' knowledge, then spent the night with him. Paulus owns T-4 Dance Company in Eau Claire. If convicted he could receive a sentence of up to 80 years behind bars.


Federal judge strikes down Twitter action taken against One Wisconsin Now group

A federal judge decides the First Amendment rights of the liberal group One Wisconsin Now were violated when Republicans blocked their access to Twitter feeds.

U.S. District Judge William Conley issued the ruling Friday in Madison. Republicans had blocked the group from seeing their Twitter feeds. One Wisconsin Now had filed the lawsuit in November 2017. A blocked user can't see Twitter messages or reply to the user who blocked them.


Rural areas dealing with EMS provider shortage

A shortage of Emergency Medical Technicians is putting a strain on the system, especially in northern Wisconsin. Low pay is a problem - and, in many cases, E-M-S providers are actually working for no pay. About 37-percent of the state's 17-thousand E-M-S workers are volunteers. Another factor making it difficult to recruit first responders is the usual 24-hour shift. Although people holding the jobs talk about how rewarding they are, the number of potential new workers is dropping.