Ordinance amendments for meeting procedure

The council voted to amend Chapter 31.03 of the City Code pertaining to Hastings City Council meeting procedures.

The amendment proposed by Mayor Mary Fasbender will require council meetings to begin with the Pledge of Allegiance. The amendment will also move public comment to an earlier point in the meeting, after the minutes from the previous meeting have been approved.

The hope, expressed by several council members, is that moving the public comment section forward on the agenda will increase community involvement by allowing busy residents time to discuss issues with the council and not have to stay for the whole meeting.

Executive search firm

Council members approved the request for proposals for an executive search firm to help find a new city administrator.

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, the city began looking for services to assist in the search. Proposals are due Feb. 13 and will undergo review from the Administrative Committee on Feb. 14. The committee, made up of council members Lori Braucks, Trevor Lund and Tina Folch, will also be responsible for discussing the proposals and interviewing the firms in late February.

Based on the proposed timeline, the administrative committee expect to make their recommendation to the council at the March 4 meeting.