Farmington Economic Development Authority agreed how to distribute community block grant funds for community programs in 2019.

Adam Kienberger, community development director, recently led a discussion with the EDA about how city staff suggests the CDBG funds be distributed this year.

"Our task is to tell the (Dakota County) CDA how we plan to spend these funds," Kienberger said. "I was informed recently with the federal government shutdown, the Dakota County CDA likely has enough CDBG dollars to meet activities in the program year 2018, but 2019 funding may be impacted as available dollars are spent down."

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The city of Farmington plans to receive $39,703.50 in CDBG funds for the program year of 2019 that runs from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

City staff suggests using the $39,703 CDBG funds for:

• $5,000 for senior services to offer financial support programs to support seniors who attend programs and activities at the Rambling River Center.

• $13,961.50 to fund the Commercial Rehabilitation Grant program. The account now has $21,038.50 and the additional funds would equal $35,000 - the maximum grant amount.

• $20,742 to fund the Residential Rehabilitation/Home Improvement Loan program administered by the Dakota County CDA. This is a program designed for income qualified households within Farmington. Residents can utilize funds to make eligible improvements to their home property.

Kienberger said the home loan and rehab program usually has a waiting list from interested residents.

Highway 3 Corridor Plan

City Council and the EDA met at a joint work session to discuss the Highway 3 Corridor Plan's progress.

Kienberger said the draft recommendations and project narrative are being developed by the consultant team as the Highway 3 Corridor Plan progresses.

City staff were present at the Farmington Community Expo to gather residents' feedback and answer questions about the project.

The project will address a review of existing land use designations on the Highway 3 corridor from County Road 66 to the southern border, one block on either side.

The project calls for a review and recommendation regarding the current zoning ordinance requirements for the project area. The plan will identify type, scale and possible locations for additional residential, commercial and mixed-use projects, along with preliminary market feasibility.

The Highway 3 Corridor Plan will incorporate future transportation improvements and pedestrian connections needed or required to facilitate additional redevelopment.

The plan will identify and recommend various financing tools and programs that could be considered to facilitate future redevelopment efforts. There will be a review of current architectural design guidelines, current streetscape design standards, signage standards and utilize development tools.

The timeline for the Highway 3 Corridor Plan to reach completion is slated for April 2019.