ROSEMOUNT - Plans are underway for rooftops to start sprouting up to become the first residential development within UMore Park.

Rosemount City Council approved a concept plan for Newland Land Acquisition, LLC, to buy 435 acres of land to build Vermillion Crossing. The housing project calls for 1,356 individual lots with a total of 1,556 units, including 200 multi-family apartment units.

Vermillion Crossing

The housing site is generally located to the west of Dakota County Technical College - south of County Road 42 and west to Auburn Avenue extended.

Land will be set aside for commercial development and another 1.6 acres planned for a welcome center that will include non-residential activities.

Upon review of the concept plan, the development pattern outlines a different concept for residential subdivisions in the community.

The project will provide horizontally integrated residential lots of differing sizes. Lots range in size from 3,080 square feet to 11,600 square feet.

"What this means is that all residential lots do not conform to the existing R-1 single family standards and that is one reason the developer is proposing the use of a PUD (planned unit development)," Community Development Director Kim Lindquist said.

According to the council summary, another reason for the use of a PUD is the estimated 134 acres of open space. The developer will be looking to build different housing types and styles than what is traditionally built in Rosemount.

"The look and feel of the neighborhood will be different than other areas of the city, however, staff has stressed the need to incorporate the area into the greater Rosemount community," Lindquist said.

This incorporation into the community will come via the parks, trail connections and open space.

Planning Commission review

The Rosemount Planning Commission reviewed the item and approved the concept plan on Dec. 17.

Ryan Preusse of Rosemount shared how today there is high traffic on County Road 42 and this housing project will add to the traffic concerns. He recommended that a signal light be installed at Akron Avenue to address the increased traffic that will follow in the year to come with the new development.

Preusse also voiced concern about the use of alleys and how narrow the roads were. He asked how the lot sizes would compare to the existing ordinance standards.

Rosemount city staff explained the ordinance lot calls for dimensional requirements. The city has approved smaller lots in the recent Lennar housing developments that were smaller than the ordinance criteria.

The commission expressed excitement about the new housing development and the potential housing styles.

City staff noted university representatives and the developer will meet soon to begin discussions and look to seeing the preliminary plat.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the concept plan and recognized the current review is for guidance and approval and is nonbinding.

City staff and the Planning Commission recommended the approval of the concept plan with conditions.

Housing types

The Vermillion Crossing housing development calls for many types of housing to be constructed. The types of housing include row townhomes, alley-leaded detached townhomes, villas, bungalows, single-family cottages, standard single-family homes and custom single-family homes.

The 2040 Parks Plan calls for two to three public city parks to be constructed within this housing development site that would be similar to Greystone and Jaycee city parks.

City staff understands the housing development calls for significant private open space areas and private active areas. The city is interested in understanding the interface between the public and private spaces and encourages coordination in programming.

The city requests more information shared about the Welcome Center in the future and the surrounding open spaces.