Republicans are touting a phone call with President Trump for Foxconn reaffirming its commitment to build an LCD manufacturing plant in southeast Wisconsin.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate GOP Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in a statement, "We want to thank President Trump for his commitment to Wisconsin workers – our state has an ally in the White House who is dedicated to helping us bring family-supporting careers to our state." Vos and Fitzgerald say the entire state will see an influx of manufacturing jobs and billions in investments that will impact Wisconsin for generations to come. There was word Thursday that the Taiwanese company was changing its proposed LCD plant to focus of research and engineering.

Gov. Tony Evers says he is confident Foxconn Technology Group is committed to its huge, multi-billion dollar project in Mount Pleasant.

Evers says the Taiwan-based electronics giant needs to do a better job communicating about its plans. Last week was filled with twists and turns concerning the future for the location in southeastern Wisconsin. After talking to President Donald Trump Friday, Foxconn officials confirmed they are back to the original vision of building a manufacturing facility to produce LCD screens.


Wis. cities respond to federal court ruling

Milwaukee, Waukesha and Brookfield are among several Wisconsin cities changing ordinances that limit where convicted sex offenders can live.

A federal judge determined local officials in Pleasant Prairie violated the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution when they passed an ordinance barring those offenders from living in 90 percent of the village. The new rules give convicted sex offenders more options when choosing a place to live after they fulfill their sentences.


Barn fire kills 3,000 pheasant chicks

Firefighters from three departments responded to a barn fire Saturday night which left about 3,000 pheasant chicks dead.

The fire at Wolff's Bellefontaine Farms was reported at about 11 p.m. A preliminary report suggests the fire was started when melting snow shorted out a transformer. The barn is considered to be a partial loss. Authorities report about two-thousand of the chicks in the barn survived.


Uncooperative witness short-circuits Madison murder case

Dane County prosecutors say they can no longer charge two men with homicide if an important witness won't cooperate.

Investigators say they are certain either Dontae Collins or Jordan Sharlow shot a 31-year-old man to death in March 2017. Collins has refused to cooperate. The DA's office has asked the judge to dismiss the case without prejudice, meaning homicide charges against Sharlow could be re-filed. Investigators think the shooting death of David D. Edwards was a case of mistaken identity.


Elderly woman runs down would-be purse snatchers, resumes her shopping

She may have looked like a good person to victimize, but it didn't work for two teenagers in Madison.

When they grabbed the 72-year-old woman's purse at Woodman's, she chased her attackers. The boys, about 14 years old, dropped the purse as they ran from the store Wednesday afternoon. The woman's name hasn't been released. Police say she retrieved the purse and sat on a bench in the store for a few minutes to compose herself, then resumed shopping.


Tomah School Board to vote on Confederate flag bag

The Tomah School Board in western Wisconsin will vote Monday on whether to ban Confederate flag displays on campus.

District officials say a few students have been wearing T-shirts with the Confederate flag over the the past year and it's raising concerns about school safety and free speech.  Tomah Superintendent Cindy Zahrte says there have been instances where the flag has created verbal and physical altercations on campus and caused a disruption to students' learning. Some community members question whether the school has authority to ban free speech. The Sparta School District in Monroe County does not allow the flag on its school grounds.