Gov. Tony Evers says there's not enough money to pay for a Republican tax cut plan moving through the Legislature this week.

Party leaders held a public hearing on the plan Tuesday. They call it a compromise with the governor, but he basically said he will veto the bill if it reaches his desk. Democrats have a tax cut plan of their own. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says if that one is based on raising taxes on anyone in Wisconsin, "it's a non-starter."


Tomah School Board decides to ban Confederate flag

The Tomah School Board has banned the Confederate flag after several weeks of discussion.

Two opponents told board members they are limiting the students' right to free speech, but Monday's vote was unanimous. The question was brought before the board after some incidents at Tomah High School. In one, a student's tires were flattened in connection with the controversial symbol many associate with slavery.


Barron City Council primary features Wisconsin’s first Somali candidates

The primary election for the Barron City Council is believed to be the first time Somali candidates are running for public office in Wisconsin.

Somali Americans Isaak Mohamed and Faisal Ahmed, and Paul Solie will face off in the Feb. 19 primary. The two top vote-getters will meet in an April 2 special election for an open at-large seat on the city council. Somali refugees have been living in the Barron area more than 20 years but this is the first time they've been involved in politics. Early voting is under way for the primary election.


Evers plans to close ‘dark store’ tax loophole

Gov. Tony Evers told the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Counties Association something they’ve been waiting to hear.

Evers said, "Our budget is not just about transportation. My budget is also going to make good on the promise I made to you last December, to close the dark store loophole in the state of Wisconsin. " The loophole allows big box retailers to base their tax assessments based on the value of vacant stores, which reduces their property taxes and shifts the burden to homeowners and small businesses. Some Democrats complain that nearly 60 municipalities have been forced to provide large tax refunds to big-box stores because of the dark store loophole.


Evers directs DNR to review Foxconn air permits

Wisconsin's governor says he is keeping a campaign pledge by directing the Department of Natural Resources to review the air permits granted for the Foxconn project.

Gov. Tony Evers says he has discussed the review with Foxconn officials and they aren't concerned. After a brief discussion of a possible change in focus, the Taiwan-based electronics giant reaffirmed its plans for a multi-billion dollar plant in southeastern Wisconsin last week. The company says it still plans to hire about 13,000 people.


Search continues for suspect in attack on UW-Madison student

Madison police say they don't know why a University of Wisconsin student was attacked early Sunday and they haven't identified a suspect.

The female student is in a hospital with serious facial injuries. Her name hasn't been released and she is expected to survive. A witness says she saw the student being dragged toward Lake Mendota. She told some people nearby about it and they found the victim.


Tesla looking at Wisconsin sites for showroom, service center

The electric car maker Tesla is said to be looking at a location in Wauwatosa for its first Wisconsin showroom.

The Milwaukee Business Journal reports the company is considering the former home of the Dodge City dealership. Wisconsin law prevents manufacturers from opening dealerships, but this project follows the statute. Cars won't be sold at the Wauwatosa location.


Students who use Uber, Lyft ‘scared’ by sex assault allegations

Some students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are being forced to reconsider how safe they feel when they use Uber or Lyft for a ride.

A 25-year-old woman is accusing her driver of sexual assault after she used to Lyft app early Sunday morning for what she expected to be a safe ride to her apartment. Twenty-eight-year-old Hassen A. Ahmed was taken into custody because she says he assaulted her. Madison police say most people who use ride-sharing services get to their destination safely, but there have been a few "isolated incidents."


DNR: Eagles thriving in Wis.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource's aerial survey finds a record number of bald eagles living in the state.

The 1,695 eagle nests recorded last year represent a significant growth of 105 from 2017. Most of the new nests were found in the southern part of the state. Bald eagles are found in every Wisconsin county but Milwaukee County. The DNR is asking the public to contact it any time a new nest is spotted so it can be added to those which are tracked.