Now that Red Wing's 2040 Plan has been passed by the City Council, the implementation process has begun with the drafting of a different document: the 10-Year Strategic Plan.

The idea is that this plan will help the city and community members begin to take steps toward implementing the goals laid out in the 2040 Plan. The 10-year plan highlights areas of focus and ways that goals can be achieved. For example, one area of focus is to "work so everyone has a safe, affordable, healthy place to live." Steps to accomplish this include:

• Reusing and renovating buildings.

• Evaluated zoning, subdivision, and other regulatory standards to provide flexibility and cost reduction.

• Building and renovating structures so that they are energy efficient.

• Restarting the rental inspection program.

The 10-year plan was created, according to community engagement specialist Michelle Leise, by taking goals and objectives from the 2040 Plan then going to city staff and the council for input.

"What we really need to do is use the month of March to get out to the community," Leise at Monday night's council meeting. The city wants to hear from residents before it drafts its final 10-year plan and sends it to the council for a vote.

Had the 2040 Plan not been created, Leise estimated that creating a 10-year plan would have taken six months to a year. Instead, it will take a couple of months from creation to the council chambers.

A public forum will be held at the Red Wing Library 6:30-8 p.m. Monday, March 18, for residents to see the 10-year plan, give suggestions and feedback, and talk with city staff and council members. At 7 p.m., a question-and-answer panel with council members will begin.