The Troy Plan Commission recommended denying a conditional use permit for a proposed wedding venue at 486 Coulee Trail at its meeting on Thursday, April 4.

Several surrounding neighbors spoke out against the venue at last month's meeting, expressing concerns about noise, traffic and safety.

Commission members agreed on Thursday that the proposal did not fit the necessary criteria, as laid out by town engineers from Cedar Corp.

Wendy Sander of Cedar Corp. explained that for approval the proposal needs to fit the requirements of agricultural tourism, home occupation and the agriculture residential zoning district.

The ag tourism provisions are designed to use farms for limited business operations. This application fell under the old zoning code, but Sander said the new code clarified the intent is to preserve older farm structures like a barn. New structures are prohibited in the new code.

Home occupation provisions designate the home business should not create any nuisances that wouldn't be typical of a home or agriculture facility, Sander said. They also require the operator be the principal resident.

The ag-res zoning district is intended to provide for the preservation of agricultural and rural residential lands, Sander said.

Commission and Town Supervisor Jan Cuccia said she didn't think the proposal fit any of the three criteria.

The proposal includes an extensive remodeling of an existing building, and the construction of a new building.

"One isn't that new, it's maybe 20 years old, and it's going to be gutted under this proposal," Cuccia said. "And then a brand new building even bigger than the existing shed put up next to it."

Commission Member Dean Albert agreed the buildings didn't fit with what is typically seen in farm wedding venues.

"You google Wisconsin wedding barns and whatever, and not a single one was in a pole barn," he said.

The site is owned by Cyril Cernohous, and will be operated by John Cernohous. Cuccia said that doesn't fit with the home occupation requirement.

She also said the health and safety issues brought up during the public hearing did not fit with the requirements of the ag-res zoning district.

Albert said there wasn't a single neighbor that spoke in favor of the proposal.

"They would be living next to it, and they're the ones that would be affected," he said.

Town Chair Dan Pearson said the town has to look at the big picture of ag residential that allowed more houses into the area.

"Once you do that, you have to look out for the houses there, you have to look out for the people there," he said.

Another recent wedding venue proposal, Settlement Hill, was approved, but Commission Member Jennie Boeder said that was a different environment with a lower population density.

The commission voted unanimously to recommend denial.

The recommendation will go to the town board.