The Hudson Common Council approved working with Public Administration Associates to recruit a new city administrator.

Current City Administrator Devin Willi will be retiring in the summer.

Council Member Sarah Atkins Hoggatt said she would like to have the firm take a step back and do an organizational review of the city and its structure.

Mayor Rich O'Connor said that could be discussed in subsequent meetings or conversations with the firm.

Awarding bonds

The council approved resolutions awarding the sale of nearly $6 million in bonds and $2.2 million in notes.

The bonds are for the fire station and 2019 and 2020 street improvement projects, while the notes will fund equipment, vehicles and other assets, Senior Municipal Advisor Sean Lentz of Ehlers Associates said.

The city maintained its bond rating of AA2, a high rating.

The city received four bids for the bonds. The winning bid has a 2.75% interest rate, lower than predicted in the presale report.

The notes received five bids. The winning bid had an interest rate of 2.19%, nearly 1% less than the presale expectation of 3.11%.

Fire station

The council approved Market and Johnson as the construction company for the new fire station, to be located at the city-owned Ward Avenue site.

The grand total of the project is budgeted at $6,954,320.

The council also approved giving Fire Chief Scott St. Martin the ability to approve change orders under $15,000.


The council approved the annexation agreement of 40 acres of land from the town of Hudson, located at the intersection of Vine Street and Carmichael Road.

Community Development Director Mike Johnson said it has taken a long time to reach this point.

The annexation agreement includes the payment of existing deferred assessments in the amount of $152,828.21 and additional payment of five years of property taxes levied by the town of Hudson to the city. Johnson said both those payments have been received.

It also includes $147,000 attributed to potential future improvements to the Vine Street and Carmichael Road intersection. If that work occurs within the next five years, that would be the cap that the property would pay. Johnson said it's unlikely any type of major improvement would be done in that time frame.

The capital cost study includes offsite improvements associated with the site, including $1.4 million in offsite transportation improvements, Johnson said. He said it is anticipated that the developer will take on that cost as they can do it at a lower cost than the city could. That would include an expansion of the Vine Street and Carmichael intersection to make is safer in the short-term.

Council Member Jim Webber said constituents have told him the city needs to have safe walking and biking paths in that area.

Johnson said the trail on the north side of Vine Street that currently ends at the lift station will be extended all the way to the intersection.

The council approved the annexation agreement and an ordinance for direct annexation.

Comprehensive plan

The council approved creating an ad hoc committee to review proposals submitted for the city's comprehensive plan. The committee would serve as the steering committee during the wider process.

The committee will be made up of the mayor, one council member, one plan commission member and three or four staff members.