City of Red Wing has about 125 volunteers and elected officials, give or take an open volunteer position or seat waiting for an election to be filled. At 6 p.m. Thursday, April 18, the board and commission members will gather at the Sheldon Theatre for a training session with David Schultz, a political science and law professor. Community members are welcome to attend this free event.

This event is part of the city's attempt to create a more robust training program, according to Melissa Hill, the city's administrative support manager. The training program is three-pronged:

• Creating a more significant on-boarding process for all new board members and commissioners.

• Developing better training for staff liaisons.

• Providing more in-depth training every year for board members and commissioners.

Schultz's talk will fall into the third section of the city's training. According to Hill, the topics for the in-depth training will change each year based on what is happening in the community and any feedback from volunteers and elected officials. This year the focus will be on the role of staff versus the role of elected officials and volunteers, the Minnesota Open Meeting Law, and conflict of interest as it relates to state law.

The city asked Schultz to speak because of his expertise. Schultz is political science professor at Hamline University and a law professor at Hamline and the University of Minnesota. Along with his career as a professor, Schultz has written numerous books and articles about politics and election law and is a go-to source for many news organizations when they want to interview an expert in his fields. Schultz has been quoted in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and National Public Radio, to name a few.

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