The following is a summary of the Tuesday, April 16 Pierce County Board of Supervisors meeting

Resolutions unanimously approved

• An annual amendment of fees for the services of the county medical examiner and deputy medical examiner were approved on the first reading to go on to second reading. These fees are increased each year in line with Wisconsin state statute. The following are proposed:

• Autopsy Summary Report - currently $26.07, proposed $26.57

• Autopsy Report Complete - currently $78.19, proposed $79.68

• Medical Examiner Report Summary - currently $26.07, proposed $26.57

• Medical Examiner Report Comprehensive - currently $52.12, proposed $53.11

• Toxicology Report - currently $26.07, proposed $26.57

• Autopsy Photograph Acquisition Fee - currently $15.64, proposed $15.94

• Copying Fee for Pictures not on CD - currently $2.08/ picture, proposed $2.12/ picture

• Copying Fee for Compact Disc or DVD - currently $7.30/ CD or DVD, proposed $7.44

• Cremation Permit (to be split with $50 to Medical Examiner to be used for training and equipment for the Medical Examiner staff and remained to the General Fund) - currently $156.37, proposed $159.34

• Disinterment Permit - currently $52.12, proposed $53.11

• Death Certificate Processing - currently $0.02, proposed $0.02

• A remote work policy was approved on its second reading and adopted as a new opportunity for certain county workers to telecommute with the respective department permission.

• Using the jail assessment fund to purchase and install monitors and a viewing computer in the master control of the jail was approved upon second reading.

• The Sheriff's office fees were amended after approval on the second reading, which includes:

• Home monitoring - current fee $0, proposed fee $25 per person per day

• Prisoner maintenance (booking fee for all sentenced inmates including probation/parole) - current fee $0, proposed fee $25

• Prisoner maintenance (UA/drug screen) - current fee $12, proposed fee $15

• Prisoner maintenance (oral swabs/DNA) - current fee $0, proposed fee $15

• Location fee (body camera video/photos) - current fee $0, proposed fee lowest wage rate/ hour

Wellness in the workplace presentation

Representatives from CBIZ came to present survey results for a wellness report which had nearly a 90% response rate. In the survey, county employees had listed wanting things like healthier vending machine options, longer lunch and other work breaks and it was suggested that a total rewards program be implemented to increase health in the workplace. Healthy employees benefit from having purpose at work, lower stress levels, financial stability and physical and mentally helpful habits.


The county board unanimously approved to appoint Richard O'Connell and Robert M. Jeffrey to the Ethics Board. Both will serve a three-year term from September 2019 to August 2022. The board also unanimously approved to appoint Jeff Olson and Mary-Alic Muaski to the Information Services Committee. Each will serve three years also, from April 2019 to April 2022.

Other business

• An agenda item number six, which listed the recognition of the 2019 American Honey Queen Hannah Sjostrom from Maiden Rock, was omitted after County Board Chair Jeffrey Holst said Sjostrom would not be attending.

• There was no discussion on 2018 annual reports for departments nor on 2019-2020 county board meeting dates.