A Democratic lawmaker from Madison plans to reintroduce a bill tomorrow morning to fully legalize marijuana in Wisconsin on Thursday.

Rep. Melissa Sargent will be joined by fellow legislators and cannabis advocates. Sargent previously sponsored marijuana bills that have gone nowhere in the Republican-controlled legislature. Sargent points to a Marquette Law School poll that found 61 percent of Wisconsin residents are in favor of legal marijuana. Gov. Tony Evers has proposed decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana and supports legalizing medical cannabis.


Wis. SeniorCare program extended 10 years

The federal government has notified the state of Wisconsin its SeniorCare program has been extended for 10 years.

SeniorCare makes prescription drugs available to people 65 and older for between $5 and $10, with no gaps in coverage. Users pay $30 a year. Members of both parties say the program is a success 17 years after it was first put into place. Extensions are normally for three years, so the 10-year announcement is being called good, but unusual.


Evers: ‘Unrealistic’ to think Foxconn will employ 13K workers

Wisconsin's governor says the state is working to revise its deal with Foxconn Technologies now that the size of its project has been scaled back.

Democrat Tony Evers tells reporters it's "unrealistic" to think the Taiwan-based company will still bring 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin. Foxconn hasn't backed off its hiring promise for the $10 billion project to be located at Mount Pleasant. Republicans say Evers has been trying to blow up the deal negotiated by previous Gov. Scott Walker since he took office.


Johnson wants to toughen standard for asylum seekers

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says he's working to toughen the standard for asylum seekers who show up at this country's southern border.

The Wisconsin Republican says he'd like to see a requirement of a "more than probable chance" they will experience violence or persecution if they return to their home countries. Right now, if people arriving at the Mexican border can show "credible fear," they are allowed to stay in this country as their case moves through the courts. Johnson says those cases need to be adjudicated more quickly and asylum seekers should be detained during the process.


Attorney general won’t launch new juvenile prison investigation

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul says federal authorities conducted a "full and thorough" investigation of the state's juvenile prison.

Now that the feds have declined to file any charges, Kaul says he won't launch a state investigation. Gov. Tony Evers says he will let his fellow Democrat make the final decision on that. A court-ordered monitor reports juveniles at Lincoln Hills are still being strip-searched and pepper spray is still being used, even though a court ordered the reduction of such actions.


Eau Claire man faces possible 46-year prison sentence for sex crimes

An Eau Claire man could receive a sentence of 46 years in prison after being caught in a sex sting in Barron County.

Heath Gullikson thought he was exchanging sexual messages with a 15-year-old boy. When he traveled to Rice Lake to have sex with the boy, he found out he'd been talking to an undercover officer and he was taken into custody. Gullikson entered a no contest plea to a charge of attempted sexual assault of a child as part of a plea agreement Tuesday. He will be sentenced in June.