The National Indian Gaming Commission reports it has issued nearly 530 violations to the St. Croix Chippewa tribal leaders.

The federal gaming regulators say the St. Croix Casino-Turtle Lake made 275 payments totaling more than $560,000 to tribal members over a two-year period. The feds say some of the money was used for trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas. They think at least $1.5 million in casino funds were taken. The tribe could be facing up to $27 million in fines.


DNR: Dogs, wildlife intentionally poisoned in northern Wis.

The Department of Natural Resources believes someone is intentionally poisoning dogs and wildlife in northern Wisconsin.

Three pet dogs and several animals have died in recent months in Bayfield, Marinette and Florence counties. One of the dogs ate what looked like hamburger wrapped around fly bait and died less than a half hour later. The DNR thinks someone might be targeting something such as coyotes or wolves. People walking dogs are reminded to keep their pets on a leash and on roadways. Lab testing is being done to determine what the poison is. Anyone with information is asked to call the Wisconsin DNR hotline.


State Supreme Court takes up second appeal connected to lame-duck session

The Wisconsin Supreme Court plans to take up a second lawsuit challenging laws passed during last December's lame-duck session starting Monday.

In the first suit, the court said the state's interests would be best served if the court of appeals is bypassed. The first suit over the lame-duck session argues the state constitution was violated when lawmakers approved measures to limit the powers of the governor and attorney general.


Eau Claire residents worried by backyard sinkholes

An Eau Claire woman wants the city to do something about a sinkhole which is growing in her backyard.

Barbara Joyce says her neighbor has two sinkholes on the adjoining property. City officials think a collapsed storm sewer pipe 14 feet down is causing the problem. They have told Joyce they will fix it in the next few days, but she's worried about the expanding hole. Flags were placed around the hole to mark the spot, but the sinkhole has now swallowed one of the markers.


Sauk County residents near Wisconsin River advised to evacuate

Emergency management officials in Sauk County are advising residents living near one stretch of the Wisconsin River to evacuate.

Those people are being told water levels on the river could rise quickly. In Columbia County, emergency management officials there are recommending residents in Caledonia and Lewiston evacuate before high water arrives. Sandbagging volunteers are being sought and the Department of Natural Resources is monitoring the earthen berm system due to worries about its stability. Authorities say roads are expected to become water-covered, slowing first responders in case of emergency.


School releases report on husband of former UW-Whitewater chancellor

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has released an 18-page investigative report centered on the alleged actions of the former chancellor's husband.

Allen "Pete" Hill is alleged to have sexually harassed as many as 10 students and staff members. Former UW-Whitewater Chancellor Beverly Kopper resigned last December even though the investigation found no evidence she knew about or aided her husband's activities. Investigators say Hill's behavior was "pervasive and well-known" on the Whitewater campus.