St. Croix County Highway Commissioner Robbie Krejci informed the Hammond Village Board at the Monday, April 22 meeting that he would be recommending against the village's request to open County Road TT from the village limits to 170th to ATV traffic.

Krejci sighted the volume of traffic along that section of TT and the presence of a school among factors contributing to his decision.

The decision is sure to disappoint ATV Club President Greg Olson and leaves trustees with no viable routes to accommodate ATV traffic within the village at this time.

Other business

• Trustees approved a proposal by Adam Snegosky, President of Central St. Croix Rec, to extend the infield at the Village Park Ballfields. The estimated cost for the field work would be $4,500. Trustees requested that, once Central St. Croix Rec has a firm price for the work, that Snegosky bring it back to the board to see if the village is in a position to contribute funds to the project. The project is to be completed by June 30.

• Trustees voted to approve the new changes to the United Fire by-laws.

• Trustees approved the following appointments:

Rick Coltrain - Police Chief, 2-year term

Sandi Hazer - Administrator/Clerk, 2-year term

Angie Blodgett - Treasurer/Deputy Clerk, 2-year term

Travis Posey - Weed Commissioner, 2-year term