COTTAGE GROVE - Joshua Mower of Boy Scout Troop 909 received his Eagle Scout award at the April 17 Cottage Grove City Council meeting.

In other actions:

Approved a request by public works to sell used equipment, including two pickup trucks and a floor scrubber, on eBay or Cranky Ape. The equipment has been replaced. Council also voted to sell Fire Truck No. 2 online.

Appointed Rachel Smoot to fill a vacant slot on the Economic Development Authority for a term ending December 2023.

Awarded a contract for joint crack sealing to Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, who submitted a low bid of $64,264.56.

Approve a conditional use permit to Verizon Wireless to install six proposed antenna on top of the city's Meadow Grass water tower.

Voted to post the draft of the city's Americans With Disabilities Act transition plan or public comment.

In a closed meeting, council met with City Administrator Jennifer Levitt to conduct a quarterly performance review.