Gov. Tony Evers says he is not questioning Adjutant Gen. Donald Dunbar's leadership of the Wisconsin National Guard, even though he is calling for a review of the Guard's sexual misconduct policies.

The U.S. Air Force is currently investigating sexual assault and harassment allegations within a Wisconsin Air National Guard security unit. The allegations date back nearly 17 years. Evers and U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin announced this week their request for an extensive review has been granted.


Winter won’t loosen grip as May nears

Weather forecasters say it's possible the area of southern Wisconsin around Madison could receive 5-8 inches of snow Saturday.

Forecast models suggest a 75 percent chance of at least two inches of snow. Meteorologists say April 27 would be the latest date for significant snowfall in southern Wisconsin in the last five years. Madison got a little over seven inches of snow on April 18 last year, but Saturday will be nine days after that calendar date.


Foxconn official: ‘Calm down’ about hiring doubts

A spokesperson for Foxconn Technologies says no one can predict whether the company will actually hire 13,000 workers by 2032.

It has to do that if it is to cash in on all $4 billion in tax credits. The group's director of American strategic initiatives tweeted "calm down" Wednesday after new articles quoting Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers as saying he didn't think the 13,000 worker figure would be reached. Alan Yeung says it is too early to predict what will happen 13 years from now.


2 Madison cops injured by 12-year-old girl

A 12-year-old girl has been taken to Madison's Juvenile Reception Center on tentative charges of substantial battery to a law enforcement officer.

Two officers were injured when she reportedly fought them at Jefferson Middle School Wednesday. One officer suffered a split lip and cuts. The other was treated for an injured shoulder and whiplash. Police had been called after she hit a classmate, threatened another with a fire extinguisher and refused to leave the campus.


Eau Claire man faces 10-year prison sentence

A jury has found an Eau Claire man guilty of recklessly endangering safety and violating a foreign protection order.

Girard Jones could receive a 10-year prison sentence when he returns to court next month. Jones had been accused of severely injuring a woman and then leading police on a dangerous high-speed chase. He had dropped the victim off at a hospital with severe head injuries shortly before the police pursuit started. Jones faces additional charges in Chippewa County.


Federal board wants hydrofluoric acid to be studied again

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board wants the EPA to review a 1993 study on the safety of using hydrofluoric acid while making gasoline.

The explosion at the Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior last April led to the call. The Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with determining how effective existing regulations are and whether it is viable to use safer technologies at refinery operations. About one-third of the nation's refineries still use the volatile chemical.