A Democratic congressman representing western Wisconsin says he wants to see a full, unredacted version of the Mueller report on Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.

Ron Kind, whose 3rd Congressional District includes Pierce County, says the report makes it clear Russian agents were involved in a conspiracy. The Justice Department determined the contacts didn't rise to the level of a criminal conspiracy. Kind says the president should take Russian interference in elections more seriously and protect the United States from another foreign attack on our election system.


Evers signs first bill into law

Wisconsin's governor will sign a bill into law for the first time since he took office Tuesday.

The ceremony will be held in the rotunda of the state Capitol. Gov. Tony Evers will put his signature on legislation barring the term "mental retardation" from use in state agency rules and regulations. The bill passed with unanimous, bipartisan support. The Democratic governor hasn't agreed with much of the work done by the Republican-dominated Legislature. Only three of the bills he backs have been passed so far this session.


Student walks out of Madison lecture when convicted rapist speaks

A student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison walked out of a legal studies lecture last week when the guest lecturer turned out to be an ex-convict who had served time on a rape conviction.

Professor Ralph Grunewald wanted students to learn about what happens to offenders when they are released back into the community. University officials plan to meet with the student Wednesday for a discussion. A school spokesperson denies allegations the class wasn't warned about the speaker and his subject matter.


Study: Automation could eliminate almost half of Wis. jobs

A study by the Brookings Institution suggests automation could eliminate nearly half of all Wisconsin jobs.

The study suggests agriculture, manufacturing, retail and food services are the areas most likely to be affected. Brookings researchers say there will be a need to strengthen K-12 curriculum in areas like computer science, coding and statistics to keep up with the changing types of jobs which are available. The experts say Midwestern states are the most vulnerable to changes brought on by increasing automation.


La Crosse begins search for new police chief

The police chief in La Crosse has requested the Police and Fire Commission reassign him to be assistant chief.

Troy Miller will take the position which had been held by Jeffery Cavender before he was placed on administrative leave. Cavender decided to retire. Miller will serve as acting chief while the city conducts a search for his permanent replacement. Miller says his decision was based on personal and family matters.


Police say ‘good guy with a gun’ stops Wis. burglary

Ashwaubenon police say a "good guy with a gun" stopped a robbery at a game store Sunday night.

The store's owner, Anthony Folk, says a security camera alerted him to the burglar who had broken into his store. Folk and an employee were to the store to confront the burglar. The employee - who has a concealed carry permit - stopped the burglary suspect and held him until police could be summoned to the location.