ELMWOOD -- Elmwood will be reviewing the duties of local public safety in the village since previous police Chief Delton Hoyt has left to take a position in Woodville.

An online survey was posted on Village of Elmwood’s public Facebook profile on July 23, which officially closed Aug. 12. Results of the survey are not yet available.

The public had the opportunity to answer three questions:

  1. Would you prefer a full-time police officer or several part-time officers in the Village of Elmwood or to co-op with a surrounding village for the Police Department?

  2. What time of day would you consider the best coverage (days, night or weekends) from the Police Department?

  3. Please leave any questions, comments or concerns you may have.

The village will hold a police committee meeting soon to discuss further action. No date had been set as of Aug. 12.

Chair of the Elmwood police committee, Richard Jones, said during a July 30 phone interview that the village will be taking the public’s wishes into consideration when making decisions about the police department’s role.

Discussion about the future of Elmwood’s public safety did not include opinions from Hoyt, according to Hoyt.

Hoyt said he wouldn’t have recommended the village publish a survey, but the village and community would be better served if there was more attention given to public safety in Elmwood.

Requests for comment and more information from Village Board President William Stewart was not received.

Hoyt had accepted a full-time patrol officer position at the Woodville, Wis., in early June which provided him better pay and a more stable schedule, he said in a phone interview. He served about two years as Elmwood's the sole officer and police chief.

“The community was great, everybody was friendly, helpful and I enjoyed a lot of my time there. There were good days and bad days, for the most part I had a decent time,” Hoyt said.