The Red Wing City Council does not have to vote on a budget for 2020 until December. Yet, council members and city staff are already taking the first steps toward crafting the 2020 budget.

In April, Red Wing department heads reviewed their 2019 budgets and how their budgets break-down into subcategories. The stage is set for future discussions, including one in June.

"We do feel like this is really important, both for council members and for the public," said Kay Kuhlmann, the City Council administrator. She later explained that the April meeting was not meant to focus on "the dollar and cents" but rather provide an overview of all of the services that the city offers.

"So that as we get into making budget choices you'll realize the full extent of the city's services."

Break down of 2019 budget

Kulhmann provided the council with information about the budget from fiscal year 2017 to fiscal year 2019. According to that packet, Red Wing's 2019 budget is $82,999,735.

The three categories that take the majority of the budget are:

• Capital projects: $30,025,899

• Personnel services: $19,793,512

• Other: 10,466,183.

"Personnel services" includes everything from wages to holiday pay and accrued vacation. "Other" has about 148 items such as police canine supplies, vehicle repairs, postage, parking fees, loan expenses and the youth council.

Public Works has the largest budget in the city: $24,232,134. This is followed by the fire ($7,894,135) and the administrative ($5,739,968).

Council member Becky Norton stressed that it is important that the city look now at the budget and its components.

"I think we've all committed to spending some more time really looking at that budget because of the things that are coming up," Norton told the council.

The next budget workshop is scheduled for Monday, June 17, in the council chambers.