Land credit sale and concept plan for Creek Rentals

City Council approved the land credit sale and concept plan for Creek Rentals LLC for a plot of land in the Hastings Industrial Park.

The property is located at 2030 Spiral Blvd. Creek Rentals plans to build three mini-storage buildings and one business storage building on the property.

The land credit program allows for a discount on the land for manufacturing, processing or wholesale businesses. With a special use permit, some retail and service operations are allowed.

Currently, 8,000 cubic yards of topsoil that was placed by the city sits on the property. The pile must be moved in order for development to occur.

Council voted to declare the topsoil excess property. This puts the topsoil up for public sale.

Chickens in residential areas

City Council voted to order a public hearing on an amendment to City Code that would allow chickens in residential areas in town.

At-large Council member Mark Vaughan pulled the item from the consent agenda to pose questions to city staff to be answered when the public hearing arrives. His questions, centered around the community interest and some procedural issues, were included in the approval of the order.

Council members Lori Braucks, Trevor Lund and Lisa Liefeld also expressed some concerns over the process, procedure and enforcement of the ordinance.

The ordinance would allow residents to keep four chickens and no roosters per parcel of land. An additional four chickens would be allowed per acre, after the first acre. The chickens would have to be kept in a fenced area with a minimum of 8 square feet per chicken. Keeping chickens would also require a license.

The public hearing will be held at the next council meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, May 20.