The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board - EQB - held a meeting March 25 in Red Wing to gain public input on a request to initiate a Generic Environmental Impact Statement - GEIS - to study nitrate-contaminated water in the karst region of southeast Minnesota.

At the meeting, board members and the public participated in small group discussions about the opportunities and challenges associated with completing a GEIS. A survey was also available on the EQB website from March 15, 2019 through April 7, 2019, so individuals not able to attend in person could provide feedback on the requested GEIS.

The EQB has summarized all comments received into two documents and provided them to EQB Board members for their consideration. The first is a summary overview of the themes that emerged from the in-person meeting discussions and survey results, and the second is a table with more detailed comments that were provided, grouped by theme.

Both reports are available at

The board will consider the GEIS request at the June 13 EQB meeting. Meeting information and agendas will be available here: