A $690,600 new water and sewer project - without engineering costs included - was unanimously approved at a May 13 Prescott Common Council meeting to be engineered this year and implemented next year.

Cedar Corporation representative Seth Hudson proposed the project as two phases, which would implement a new sanitary system running from south of the lift station to Highway 10 near Pearl Street and a water connection running beneath Highway 10 from Pearl Street to Henry Street tying into the existing water main.

The common council decided to approve the project as one large project.

"What's driving most of this is currently right now on Pearl (Street) you don't have a complete water loop. The water quality is not as good, the water flow is not as strong," Hudson said.

The road will not be reconstructed to keep costs down, Hudson said, but there will be some repair of pavement where Henry Street would tie in for the water project. No widening of the road will occur because it would affect the water flow for storm drains which causes a need for redesign.

Mary Paul with Stagecoach Express, located on Canton Street, appeared at the meeting to voice her support for the water project.

"This would be a good time to put it in... I'm hoping that we could tip for something and help us out," Paul said.

Highway 10 retaining wall

City Administrator Jayne Brand informed the common council that the Highway 10 retaining wall damage from an April 17 rainstorm is not covered by insurance.

Because the retaining wall is only securing earth, it was damaged by "an act of God," Brand said.

An adjuster visited to look at the courtesy dock and gang plank, both which will be covered but an estimate is still needed.


• Mark Jennings was approved for the Zoning Board of Appeals.

• Karen Petersen was approved for the Prescott Housing Authority.

• Larry Imm was approved for the Prescott Cable Commission.

• Scott Grabowski was approved for the Prescott Police Commission.

Other business

• The common council approved all liquor, tobacco and operator's licenses.

• A special use permit was approved for the Crazy About Baseball company to make improvements on signage, lighting, parking and alcohol sales.

• No action was taken for ordinance 03-19 "off street parking restrictions in residential areas" regarding 1-ton and 3-ton trucks as there was confusion about the terminology for weight and capacity of trucks. Parking restrictions remain the same for trucks with 1-ton capacity.

• The common council debated on the limits and requirements for permits to utilize carports in town. No action was taken on the ordinance 04-19 regarding "accessory uses or structures." Brand said because the ordinance is controversial and there may be some rewording done to the ordinance, comments from the members will be taken and the ordinance will appear for the first reading at the next council meeting.

• A water line break at 512 Hilton St. resulted in a high sewer usage bill which was approved to be reduced by $335.

• Personal property taxes for three businesses were approved to be written off.