RED WING — The Prairie Island Tribal Council tried writing a letter to the Goodhue County Board. When that produced no results, the council showed up at the board’s Aug. 13 meeting.

Tribal Council President Shelley Buck told the board, “We're here today to make sure our voice is represented in Goodhue County.”

The Republican Eagle previously reported that the Tribal Council wrote to the board asking why no one had been appointed to fill the District 1 seat. During its meeting on Aug. 8, the board voted 2-2 on whether to send a reply letter, resulting in a failed motion and therefore no response.

“We are not happy. Not happy at all. We just feel that it’s not right,” Buck stated in an interview after the Aug. 8 board meeting ended.

During the Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioners Barney Nesseth and Jason Majerus explained that they opposed appointing someone like Scott Safe because of upcoming votes on items including closing the county’s landfill and the 2020 budget.

Safe served as interim commissioner for District 1 while former Commissioner Ron Allen was undergoing treatment for cancer.

"That's too important a vote for an appointed official," Nesseth said of the solid waste plan.

Though the Tribal Council has reached out to the board four times, including visits from Buck and Secretary Nicci Lehto, council members said they plan to continue talking about and advocating for an individual to represent their community at the county level.