BAY CITY -- The future of a band of stray felines roaming within Bay City village limits will be discussed after the Village Board reviews its options in line with state statutes.

The unclaimed cats have allegedly been found amassing in the Oak Hill Park mobile home park and are being fed by a resident on private property. A few cats also have been reportedly seen near Handy Mart.

“We have a lot of citizens that keep calling me all the time about this situation,” Village Clerk Kim Lunda said during discussion.

At the Aug. 14 board meeting, members took turns mentioning feasible options the village could take in controlling the stray population, but took no formal action. Options include live trapping the animals to take to the humane society, sterilizing the bunch or shooting them.

Because one trailer park resident is allegedly feeding the strays, the board discussed having the property owner manage the cats and keep them in the yard. Lunda said at the meeting a letter has been sent to the individual.

Owner of Oak Hill Park Andy Bennett said at the meeting he considers the cats to be similar to other rodents or small animal pests.

“They are a nuisance to me, I get complaints about them all the time,” Bennett said.

Bennett said they should be handled by the homeowner and disposed of to protect the property.