The River Falls City Council voted at its May 14 regular meeting to request a waiver on a Wisconsin state law that would require the city to produce a Housing Affordability Report and a New Housing Fee Report by Jan.1, 2020, and to update that annually.

The housing fee report will be generated by Jan. 1, according to the May 14 council packet, which also said the requirements for the Housing Affordability Report and analysis are more extensive, and that city staff isn't able to produce that report by Jan. 1. The council packet stated that staff would be able to produce the report before the end of the four-year extension period.

The approved resolution is part of the materials the city will turn in to the state as a part of its waiver request.

Public comment

Resident Mary Spindler spoke during public comment time, sharing concerns regarding the now empty lot at 1300 S, Main St., where the River Falls Motel once stood. Spindler lives on East Johnson Street, immediately adjacent to the 1300 S. Main St. lot.

Spindler said she has had issues with flooding in her basement since 2007, when she moved in.

She said she's had a great deal of water in her basement.

Since the hotel was razed in 2016, Spindler said her problems have gotten worse. She said the spring snowmelt and heavy rains have caused a great deal of damage to her home.

"At this point my house has about $35,000 worth of damage," Spindler said. "I have had to completely remove all sheetrock and all improvements that I've made to my home in the years that I"ve owned it."

She also mentioned that Gerard Construction Company hopes to build a residential dwelling on that lot. Gereard was recently awarded WHEDA state tax credits for the development, but city staff said the project has not yet gone through the city approval process.

The property in question is owned by Bonnie Anderson, according to Pierce County parcel data.

Spindler said she felt the development of the site would be detrimental to her property.

Mayor Dan Toland invited Spindler to set up a time to meet with himself and city staff to further discuss the issue.