With the little hand at 6 and the big hand at 12 on the clock perched on the wall between the United States and Wisconsin flags in Hudson's Council Chambers, Mayor Rich O'Connor called the Lakeview EMS Contract Negotiating Committee meeting to order May 22.

After roughly two hours of talks in closed session followed by two hours of open session back-and-forth concerning contract language between City of Hudson and Lakeview EMS, the Lakeview EMS Contract Negotiating Committee took another step closer to finalizing their move from St. Croix EMS after 42 years of service.

At the meeting's conclusion, representatives of Lakeview EMS and Hudson's Lakeview EMS Contract Negotiating Committee agreed to parts of the contract but set aside others that needed more work and will come back to the table at a later date, before approving the final contract and sending it along to the Common Council.

"These will be included in the contract and we will set another date and time where we can all get together again and spend a nice, long evening perhaps," said O'Connor, alluding to the meeting that was pushing four and a half hours at that point.

"Hopefully we'll get together next week," O'Connor said, adding that should give everyone enough time to clean up the rest of the language in the contract and get questions answered.

The contract will be sent to the Common Council for a final vote once approved at the committee level.

"And thank you, everybody, for hanging in there for a nice, long night," O'Connor said.

O'Connor provided the tie-breaking vote at the council's April 8 meeting to enter into contract negotiations with Lakeview EMS. A motion at the meeting to pursue a parallel path with current emergency service provider St. Croix EMS failed.

The city heard proposals from four service providers, including city-run St. Croix EMS, four months prior to their April 8 vote.