A Superior woman will be sentenced in July for stealing thousands of dollars from at least three Wisconsin Walmart stores.

Tempestt Robinson was found guilty of theft in St. Croix County Circuit Court last Friday. She and two other women were accused of taking $7,500 from stores in New Richmond, Hudson and Eau Claire. Investigators say they would pose as cashiers, ringing up thousands of dollars on Walmart gift cards, then passing them on to their accomplices.


State’s justice department: 300 rape cases delayed by untested evidence kits

A report from the Wisconsin Department of Justice finds nearly 350 active rape cases were delayed by untested rape kits.

DNA testing was only done on 5,600 of 8,600 cases last year. Although private laboratories perform the tests, all results are reviewed by DNA analysts with the state lab. One reason for the delays is the number of cases in 2018 was more than 60 percent higher than the year before.


Kenosha man charged with attacking stranger with ax

Witnesses in a machine shop say a Kenosha man walked in carrying an ax and hit a stranger twice.

Matthew Postl faces charges of mayhem, recklessly endangering safety, aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, obstructing and resisting an officer. A worker in the shop says Postl ran away when a steel pipe was thrown at him. The name of the victim hasn't been released and it isn't known how severe his injuries were. His sister says Postl has mental health issues.


Wis. congressman repeats call for Trump’s impeachment

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan is responding to comments from special counsel Robert Mueller by calling for the impeachment of President Trump for the second time in less than two weeks.

The Wisconsin Democrat says Congress "must do its job" by checking to see if there were any attempts to obstruct justice. Mueller emphasized Justice Department guidelines meant his office couldn't legally determine whether the president committed obstruction of justice.


3 charged with homicide in Waupaca County explosives death

Three people are now facing homicide charges in the explosives death of man in Waupaca County.

Kenneth Niemer of Clintonville, Robert Mattes of New London and Scott Mattes of Marion are accused in the death of an Illinois man struck by shrapnel from a homemade device. Deputies responded to a report of an explosion Sunday night and a man hit in the abdomen and severely injured. The victim was taken by ambulance and later died. His wife had two videos of the incident on her phone. One shows Robert Mattes light a fuse that burns until it reaches a pipe before there's a large explosion and the phone hits the ground. The suspects were scheduled to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.


Authorities raid Madison Rastafarian church

The Dane County Narcotics Task Force and police raided a Rastafarian church in Madison today following a drug investigation Wednesday.

The Lion of Judah is a cannabis sanctuary that allows members to use marijuana as part of their religious practice. Officers smashed the glass front door and detained several people. No one was injured during the search and police expect more arrests. The Madison City Attorney's Office says there is not documentation to support Lion of Judah's claim that is an actual church. The sanctuary has filed a federal lawsuit against the city for violating its First Amendment rights.