Wisconsin Senate Republicans are proposing a $133 million road funding plan.

The proposal comes as the Joint Finance Committee is set to consider transportation funding on Thursday. The GOP plan includes giving each county $1 million and towns $1,000 per mile for their roads. Sen. Howard Marklein said, "they’ve been falling behind for a long time, and I believe this is a way for them to catch up, and level the playing field a bit." The League of Wisconsin of Municipalities noted that there’s no money for cities and villages. The plan uses one-time money from the projected state budget surplus. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald called it "a laudable idea" but one that should be considered outside the state transportation budget.


Evers says he will veto abortion bills passed by Legislature

Gov. Tony Evers has promised to veto the four abortion-related bills passed by the state Senate Wednesday.

Republican backers don't have the votes they need to override if he does. One bill touches on the rare times a baby is born alive during an abortion attempt. Democrats like Evers say existing laws already cover that situation.


Buildings bought by Foxconn basically just sitting there

Buildings bought by tech giant Foxconn in Green Bay and Eau Claire are sitting mostly idle these days.

Foxconn was going to create an innovation center at Green Bay's Watermark Building, with 200 people working there by the end of 2018. Instead, most of the work is centered on a parking ramp. In Eau Claire, Foxconn reportedly has obtained building permits for renovations on the structure it bought in that city.


Joint Finance Committee OKs $1.6B for health; not enough, say Dems

The Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee has approved a $1.6 billion increase in funding for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The budget-writing panel gave thumbs-up to $600 million in new money, but Democrats say it's not enough. They are disgruntled because Republicans are not expanding Medicaid as Gov. Evers proposed. Democrats say that move could bring in another $1 billion from Washington.


Autopsy results tell tale of 2 bodies found in Sauk Prairie home

Based on preliminary autopsy results, Sauk Prairie police think 63-year-old David Fass died of natural causes a few days before his mother.

He and 88-year-old Margaret Fass were found in their home Sunday afternoon. Investigators say David Fass was his mother's caregiver and they believe she died when no one was there to take care of her.


Woman accused of stealing $23K in jewelry, valuables during open house

Milwaukee County prosecutors have charged a woman with stealing $23,000 worth of valuables during a real estate open house.

One of the rings Glendale police say Janet Barnes took is valued at more than $10,000. Investigators say Barnes has admitted selling the jewelry to Derzon Coins and Stein's Jewelers. Police found 11 rings, six bracelets, seven necklaces and other jewelry when she was taken into custody.


Woman held hostage live-streams incident on Facebook

While negotiators tried to get a man to give up during a standoff that lasted hours, the woman he was allegedly holding hostage was live-streaming the event.

No names have been released, but both people are in custody. The man is in critical condition after authorities shot him multiple times. The incident happened on Highway 67 in Waukesha County. The woman apparently stabbed a police dog while she was being arrested.