Bay City campground's new bathroom facility construction plans will be moving forward after the Bay City Village Board approved a flood safety option from Cedar Corporation at a June 12 board meeting.

To avoid spending $10,000-$15,000 each on watertight flood doors for the facility, the village approved to move forward with drafting a new ordinance which would allow them to implement a cheaper deployable flood proofing system around the doors.

The current ordinance requires there be no human intervention in the flood protection measures.The new ordinance would comply with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources flood safety measures and require a public hearing in order to pass this summer.

New estimates for the entire construction done by Cedar Corporation with the deployable flood protection system were approved by the village board to be drafted along with the new ordinance.

Kris Dressler, Design Technician with Cedar Corporation, presented the options Bay City Village Board could pursue.

Dressler said because of the federal floodplain regulations, the building, which will be on the floodplain and not above a 100-year flood mark, must be a flood proof building instead of a flow-through building. The building is unable to be relocated because of campsite access restrictions, Village Clerk Kim Lunda said.

Flooding measures as defined by Dressler consist of 4 inches of water leaking into the building in a 24-hour period.

The present-day bidding environment is higher by 20%, Dressler said, and it is unknown whether or not the environment will be in the village's favor next year considering tariff volatility. Dressler's initial estimate for the project was $255,000 which excluded the demolition of the current building.

The plans for the project will be drafted in the next two weeks, which would give estimates for both the deployable system and the flood doors, followed by a three-week bidding timeline.