The iconic wooden "Wisconsin Welcomes You" signs have for years greeted travelers in border cities like Prescott and Hudson.

Patty Schachtner said there was one area that was feeling a bit left out - the section on Highway 64 after St. Croix River Crossing travelers enter Wisconsin. The Somerset Democrat said getting a sign erected in Houlton became a priority after she became a state senator.

A welcome sign, unveiled Monday, June 17, puts that matter to rest.

"Wisconsin is a very welcoming state and we miss this when we come across the river," Schachtner said during a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Wisconsin Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson, along with chamber of commerce officials from New Richmond and Hudson.

"There's so much great things that have happened in this area with the bridge and then the loop trail and now we get to cut a ribbon on this brand-new welcome sign for Wisconsin," Thompson said.

The sign will greet about 30,000 motorists daily, according to Department of Transportation estimates.

Schachtner, who formerly headed the Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, said the value of the sign wasn't lost on her.

"As a former chamber executive, I know how important branding is," she said. "I am super excited that people are going to see this every day."

The sign, the newest to be erected in the state, was built by Stratford Sign Co., in Stratford, Wis.