The Hudson Common Council continued making steps toward its transition to Lakeview Ambulance service at its meeting on Monday, June 17.

Following a closed session, the council approved directing the city administrator to work with the labor attorney on separation agreements for the remaining full time St. Croix EMS staff.

The agreement will come back for a final vote at the next council meeting July 8.

A divided council approved contracting with Lakeview EMS at its meeting in June. At that meeting, council members were told an optimistic transition time would be three months. St. Croix EMS will continue to operate during that time.

St. Croix EMS Operations Supervisor Josh Olson told the Star-Observer he hopes staff stay for the transition, but he can't blame them if they don't.

North Hudson contract

The council also accepted the village of North Hudson's request to terminate its contract with the city, which was originally made in December last year and tabled after the city put out a request for proposals for EMS service.

The village will meet next on July 2.

Town of Troy is the city's other remaining partner in the St. Croix EMS contract. The Troy Town Board next meets July 18.