Washington County staff will begin spot mowing and spraying for noxious weeds in the more than 220 miles of rural roadsides June 24 through July 22.

This is being done to help comply with Minnesota State Noxious Weed law (Minnesota Statute 18.75) administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Mowing will be used to prevent seed set and the following herbicides will be used to spray mowed area: Escort XP, Milestone VM and Liberate.

Property owners who do not want their roadside sprayed or mowed, and are willing to take responsibility for controlling and eradicating noxious weeds on the adjacent roadside, may visit the Washington County North Shop at 11660 Myeron Road in Stillwater Township to obtain signage, or call 651-430-4300. Be prepared to provide an address, the nearest cross street and a description of where "Do Not Spray" signs will be located.