When Glendale police responded to a stabbing report last week, the woman waiting in the motel room told them the victim "jumped onto my knife." 

Twenty-eight-year-old Shaniqua Alexander faces charges of second-degree reckless homicide. She told investigators she was living at the motel and allowed 46-year-old Jermaine Renix to stay there with her. When she spotted him with another woman last week, says she called him and told him she didn't want to see him anymore. When he showed up that night, the two fought.


Frac-sand mine boom ends in Wis.

Three Wisconsin sand mines have been shut down and production is about to be halted at a fourth. 

It appears that the region's frac sand development boom is finished. There's been no reduction in the demand, but production companies can now buy sand in Oklahoma and Texas - near the drilling operations - cheaper than shipping it from Wisconsin. They're apparently using lower-quality sand, but it is more plentiful and much closer to the shale fields.


Assembly to vote Tuesday on new state budget

The new Wisconsin state budget is expected to be approved by Assembly members when they vote later Tuesday. 

The two-year spending plan should make it through by a wide margin, then the state Senate votes tomorrow. There are some Republican senators who promise to vote against the plan because they think it contains too much new spending. If the budget passes both houses of the Legislature, it will be sent to Gov. Tony Evers' desk - where he will decide what he wants to keep and where he will use his line-item veto to cut things out.


La Crosse assistant police chief apologizes for local justice system

The La Crosse assistant police chief has tweeted an apology to local residents, saying he's sorry his department can't protect them better. 

Assistant Chief Rob Abraham is frustrated with county judges who aren't keeping people who had been arrested behind bars. Abraham points to the case of Ronald Crosby Jr., who was arrested last weekend on rape charges. A judge released Crosby on a signature bond and he was quickly re-arrested for trying to intimidate the victim. Crosby was released from custody once again Monday.


Wis. officer-involved shooting to be investigated

Deputies shot a man pointing a rifle at them Monday during what is being called a domestic dispute in Buffalo. 

That man had reportedly been threatening his mother with a firearm by putting a gun to her face. No names have been released. When negotiations failed, a law enforcement team entered the house to rescue the woman and that's when the suspect was shot. The Sauk County Sheriff's Office is conducting an independent investigation.


Body of missing 11-year-old drowning victim found

The search for a missing 11-year-old boy has ended. 

Adams County Sheriff Brent York says crews found the body of Jamison Miller at about 7:30 a.m. Monday near the Kilbourn Dam in Wisconsin Dells. Rescue and recovery crews had been searching since he went missing while swimming with his family last Tuesday. Diving operations had been suspended Sunday, but the searchers were still on the river when the discovery was made.


Stoughton JV girls basketball coach fired for ‘inappropriate activities’

Stoughton police recommended charges against the former girls junior varsity basketball coach, but the Rock County District Attorney's office has declined. 

Robinson Louis has lost his job at Stoughton High School. He's accused of smoking marijuana with some of his players and contacting them to talk about sex. Two girls say they were uncomfortable when he told them about a sex dream he had involving them. The district attorney says no charges will be filed because there is no usable evidence and the case is considered to be closed.