Chicken keeping in residential zones was favored by the Pierce County Board June 25 after the ordinance amendment unanimously passed the first reading.

The board will vote on the second reading of Ordinance 19-01 amendment to chapter 240 regarding zoning at the July 23 board meeting.

The following amendments were unanimously approved:

Section 240-35: Agricultural uses

• Cultivation agriculture

(1) Cultivation agricultural practices shall be allowed in all zoning districts without issuance of a land use permit, except that structures shall require a land use permit.

(2) Agricultural structures shall not be the principle structure in a residential, commercial or industrial zoning district.

B. General agriculture

• Barnyards, feed lots and farm structures housing animals shall be located at least 100 feet from navigable water and shall be located so that manure will not drain into navigable water.

• General agricultural practices shall be allowed in all agricultural districts without issuance of a land use permit, except that structures shall require a land use permit.

D. Domestic fowl in Residential Districts

• For parcels under 2 acres in size:

• No more than 10 domestic fowl shall be allowed on a parcel.

• Roosters (non-castrated male chickens) shall not be allowed.

• For parcels 2 acres of more in size:

• There shall be no limitation on number of sex of domestic fowl.

Section 240-88: Definitions

Agriculture, General: Agricultural uses with higher amounts of input and output compared to cultivation agriculture including but not limited to animal husbandry; grazing; dairying; apiculture; etc.

Animal husbandry: The raising of livestock.

Cultivation Agriculture: Low impact agricultural uses that involved the cultivating of soil and harvesting of crops including horticulture; floriculture; grain production; forest crop; and specialty crop production such as viticulture; maple syrup; mint and willow; and truck farming.

Domestic fowl: Any domestic breed of chicken or duck. No other species of bird shall fall under this definition.

Livestock: Domesticated animals used in an agricultural setting to produce income, labor or commodities such as meat, eggs, milk, leather, wool or other animal byproducts. For the purposes of this ordinance, horses shall be regulated under outdoor recreational uses.

Resolutions passed on second reading

Three new resolutions were approved:

• Resolution 19-03 outlining the annual participation fee for the municipality agreement commercial driver's license testing program increase to $25 from $12 passed. This municipality agreement allows municipalities to belong to the CDL program and is coordinated by the Insurance/Risk Manager. This increase will be effective Jan. 1, 2020.

• Resolution 19-04 outlining the amendment to personnel policy amending wages for sheriff's office temporary employees was passed with Neil Gulbranson, board member, abstaining his vote. The amendment reads as follows:

• All temporary sheriff's office employees that work in dispatch, patrol or as a corrections officer that have not had field training will be paid $16 per hour. Once a temporary employee in dispatch, patrol or corrections successfully completes field training, their pay will increase to $18 per hour.

• All temporary sheriff's office employees that work in laundry, bailiff or any other function that does not require field training will be compensated according to the temporary wage scale for the Park, Fair and Fairgrounds employees set forth as 2016 scale:

• Step 1 at $10.50

• Step 2 at $11.45

• Step 3 at $12.40

• Step 4 at $13.35

• Resolution 19-05 outlining the amendment to the land management department fee schedule. A complete list of the new fees may be found by contacting assistance in the land management department at

Other business

• The board recognized Hannah Sjostrom of Maiden Rock as the 2019 American Honey Queen. Sjostrom is representing the bee and honey industry by traveling the nation and participating in presentations, interviews and working at various events.

• The board approved a property tax levy option which states as follows: Adopt a county tax budget based on the maximum allowable levy under the 2019 State Budget anticipated as increasing the county tax operating levy by the net new construction. This option would mean that the standing committees are asked to work toward a common budget goal of 0% since the county only receives about $182,062 in new money for all county needs. The common budget goal of 0% has not included current personnel costs (benefits and steps increases).

• Michael Kahlow, Bonnie Witthuhn-Jones and Robert Mercord were elected to the Human Services Board. Kahlow will serve as chair, Witthuhn-Jones as a citizen member and Mercord as supervisor.

• Kathleen McCardle and Mary Foster were reappointed to the Aging and Disability Resource Center Governing Board. McCardle and Foster will be serving their second term, with McCardle representing seniors over 60 and Foster representing individuals with physical disabilities.