A panel of three federal judges has sided with Assembly Republicans and dismissed a lawsuit challenging Wisconsin's legislative boundaries. 

Democratic voters had sued four years ago arguing the boundaries unconstitutionally diluted that party's voting power. The three-judge panel made its decision just two business days after the U.S. Supreme Court decided partisan gerrymandering claims shouldn't be argued in federal court. The follow-up decision this week also means the state and Assembly Republicans can recover legal costs.


Young vandals suspected of damage at Eau Claire Memorial

Four young vandalism suspects have been referred to Eau Claire Juvenile Court on charges of negligent handling of burning materials, criminal damage to property and trespassing. 

Eau Claire police say the suspects are between 8-10 years old. They are accused of setting multiple fires and painting graffiti on the walls. They apparently climbed to the roof of the building Sunday night. School officials haven't released a total damage estimate yet.


Naked man allegedly tells cops he’d taken ‘tons and tons of acid’ 

La Crosse police report the arrest of a 29-year-old man who was running naked in a hotel parking lot last weekend. 

Witnesses told police the suspect was yelling incoherently. Officers say Benjamin Snapp asked them if they were "really going to make a big deal out of this?" He then tried to walk away, but he was stopped. Officers say he admitted using drugs, telling them he had taken "tons and tons and tons and tons of acid," or LSD. Snapp is in the La Crosse County Jail charged with disorderly conduct and lewd and lascivious behavior.


Wis. bank teller helps cops stop national theft ring

Brown County authorities are giving a teller at Nicolet National Bank credit for helping them stop a national theft ring. 

The teller's name hasn't been released. She became suspicious late last month and delayed the two women in the drive-thru while alerting authorities. The so-called Felony Lane Gang is believed to have stolen more than $63,000 from its Wisconsin victims. Twenty-six-year-old Anjelica Marsala and 24-year-old Ashley Blevins made their first court appearance Monday to face multiple charges of fraud and forgery.


3 arrested after allegedly chasing victim with box cutter

Madison police report the arrest of three suspects after they were called to the scene of a disturbance Tuesday morning. 

A man told officers he had to find refuge inside a business on West Dayton Street when he was chased by two women and a man, one of them carrying a box cutter. The victim and the people chasing him knew each other and had apparently argued earlier in the day. Officers say 39-year-old Walter Beasley, 24-year-old Marilyn Washington and 21-year-old Raeven Johnson were taken into custody. Washington was found to have a box cutter in her possession.


Eau Claire sets record for snowiest winter ever

It's not a surprise for any Eau Claire resident who had to keep clearing snow off a driveway or a sidewalk. 

The National Weather Service has confirmed the city just went through the snowiest winter on record. A total of 98.8 inches of snow was officially measured by the government agency. That tops the 22-year-old previous record by 9.5inches.