When they meet Thursday, members of the UW System Board of Regents are expected to raise student fees and room-and-board costs for the fall semester. 

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison would pay an additional $170, the most of any four-year school. The debt service on a new recreational center and Natatorium is the main reason for the increase. The regents will vote during a meeting in Madison.


Trump headed to Milwaukee

President Donald Trump is planning a visit to Wisconsin. 

While the full details are not known, the president is expected to attend a fundraiser hosted by the Republican National Committee in Milwaukee on Friday. There is also no definitive word if a rally will be held while the president is in town.


Northwoods family has too-close experience with Canadian wildfires

For 40 years a Northwoods family has been spending a summer week fishing in the Canadian wilderness, but normally it's a lot more restful. 

The Killians had to be flown out of their lakeside cabin Saturday when the Canadian wildfires got too close. Their outfitter had moved them to Wagin Lake, which is accessible only by airplane for safety, but that didn't last long. A Canadian emergency helicopter rescued them after they called on a satellite phone, which they say they almost never have used.


Dry June doesn’t keep Lake Superior from reaching record levels

Lake Superior has set a new record high water level for July 1st. June was drier than normal, so the big lake only rose 1.2 inches, but it still stands 1.6 inches higher than the previous record set 76 years ago. Lake Superior was 14 inches above normal when the month started. That offers the increased risk of shoreline erosion, lakeshore flooding and coastal damages.


New ‘pet mill’ fines could be coming

Wisconsin pet stores could face fines under a new bill that aims to end sales of pets from puppy mills. 

State Rep. LaKeshia Myers authored the bill and says despite requirements put in place a decade ago, mills are still funneling animals to stores. The bill would prohibit dog and cat sales by pet stores and levy fines up to $25,000 for repeat violations.


Cookware manufacturer closing its Wis. doors

Nearly 150 jobs are expected to be lost when a cookware company in Manitowoc closes its doors. 

Tramontina USA announced today the plant is closed and is looking for a company to buy the facility. Production cost increases were cited as the main reason for the closure. Officials said 100 jobs were also eliminated at the company's Texas headquarters.


Pregnant burglary suspect avoids more serious charges in confrontation

Kenosha County Sheriff's deputies say a 21-year-old pregnant woman pointed a loaded gun at them during an incident last month. 

A homeowner had called 911 to report a person breaking into his barn. When the suspect showed the black semi-automatic pistol to the deputies, they wrestled her to the ground and took the weapon away from her. She will be charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated and OWI. The suspect's name hasn't been released.