North Hudson Village Board approved a preliminary plat for the second addition to The Ridges, the development on 10th Street North near Krattley Lane at its Tuesday, July 2, meeting.

This addition consists of 32 lots of twin homes.

Plan Commission Chair Mike Miser told the board a few members asked questions at the public hearing, and all of them said the questions were answered. Plan Commission recommended approval.

Trustee Lori Head asked if future additions would have a connection between 10th Street and Krattley Lane. She said she was concerned about traffic in a neighborhood with a park.

Village Engineer Kevin Oium said a connection point to the north to Adams Drive will be made with future additions. Households typically generate about six to seven trips a day, so these units would create a couple hundred additional trips. Oium, said they're able to handle that.

Trustee Bryan Pike asked who was responsible for making sure the project is handled properly. Oium said the village has a developer's agreement and the staff will work as a group to oversee the project.

Construction will start late summer or early fall, Oium said. The final plat will be brought to the board before the project moves forward.

Vaping ordinance

The board adopted an ordinance restricting possession of electronic nicotine delivery systems and non-nicotine vapor products by minors.

The ordinance matches up with those in other communities, including the city of Hudson, said Chief Mark Richert.

Possession is a concern other agencies have had in schools. The city of Hudson's ordinance was prompted by concerns about possession of vape devices at the high school.

The state currently has no law prohibiting someone over 18 from purchasing a device, and then selling it to someone underage.

"It's something we can use to protect our youth," he said.

Village Trustee Ctahy Leaf said the ordinance seems like common sense.

The motion passed, with Trustee Bryan Pike abstaining.


The board met in closed session regarding the EMS services contract . No action was taken in open session.