A bill that would require the Legislative Reference Bureau to draw district boundaries isn't expected to make it past Republican leadership next session.

Sen. Dave Hansen and Rep. Robyn Vining promoted the legislation at a Tuesday news conference. They say they have three Republicans as co-sponsors. Democrats tried to get the U.S. Supreme Court to change the boundary lines for legislative districts earlier this year, but the justices said federal judges have no role in gerrymandering cases.


Woman sentenced for stealing $310K from elderly victim

A caregiver will spend eight months in jail and be required to make restitution for stealing $310,000 from a 97-year-old victim. 

Margaret Meyers was sentenced in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court last week. A credit union first reported the suspicious transactions last year. They say they noticed "red flags" when Meyers was taking $750 from the victim's account two times a week over a period of three-and-a-half years.


Evers dismisses former lawmaker’s criticisms as ‘rantings’

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers says he doesn't need any advice from former lawmakers about the state's budget process. 

Former Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala said Evers sold out Democrats when he signed off on the Republican-backed state spending plan. Evers says he just wanted to make sure state schools got the money they need and that other funds would be set aside for Wisconsin roads. He labeled Chvala's critical comments last week as "rantings."


Nonprofit founders charged with embezzling thousands of dollars

One of the Eau Claire women who organized the dragon boat races to raise money for cancer now faces embezzlement charges. 

Renelle Laffe is accused of spending thousands of dollars on herself from funds that were supposed to go to cancer research. Eau Claire police say they started the investigation after receiving a tip. Laffe is scheduled to make her first appearance in Eau Claire County Circuit Court Wednesday.


Former DNC chairman: Milwaukee businesses inside security perimeter ‘screwed’

With 50,000 visitors coming to downtown Milwaukee next summer for the Democratic National Convention you'd think all businesses would benefit but a former DNC chairman is throwing cold water on that idea. 

Ed Rendell says businesses located inside the security perimeter might be "pretty much screwed." He advises local officials to push back if the U.S. Secret Service tries to set excessive boundaries. Inside the security perimeter, only people with guest badges will be able to move freely at certain times during the conference.


Salvation Army to build $25M homeless facility in Madison

A new Salvation Army facility for the homeless on Madison's east side could cost about $25 million. 

The five-story building would include transitional housing, a gymnasium, a chapel, a playground, an apartment complex, an area for medical treatment and much more. Some people living nearby are opposed, pointing to criminal activity at the current Salvation Army location. People who are chronically homeless would be served.


Animal mistreatment convict sentenced to 30 days in jail

A Green County man who let more than 20 cows starve to death on his farm will have to serve jail time after pleading no contest to charges he mistreated the animals. 

Chase Klemm will spend 30 days in jail. KIemm had used his cattle as collateral to get a loan and when the bank checked on the welfare of the animals, it discovered "horrible conditions." The Green County Sheriff's Office was notified and nearly three dozen malnourished or diseased animals were removed from the farm.