In a text to RiverTown Multimedia, Head Golf Professional Nathan Gale said the Red Wing Municipal Golf Corporation (RWMCG) voted down City Council's amendment to eliminate holes 4-12 of the Highlands course at Mississippi National Golf Links. The RWMGC voted to keep all 36 holes for at least two years, continuing a three-year contract approved last summer.

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In a subsequent text, Gale noted that RWMCG Board President Robb Rutledge emailed the following (sic):

"To all:

I have this morning conveyed to Kay Kuhlmann, Becky Norton, Kim Beise, and Evan Brown the board's decision to reject the 5th amendment to the RWMGC / CIty agreement at last night's meeting. I explained the majority's viewpoint about fears of great revenue loss, and the permanence of losing 9 holes."


Gale said there was no confirmation that any council member had acknowledged the vote by 7:43 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25. Gale also said that a proposal to eliminate other holes was discussed, but received "no traction" as the vote was about the current amendment.

Gale added:

"It was a long meeting (on Tuesday night) discussing the options of both scenarios (of staying at 36 holes or closing the nine Highlands holes). But the board voted the way they did because of the out of town traffic that supports the Highlands. That gives us two years to build it back up. Our revenues keep growing and I think we can keep growing.

"We've had the best numbers we've had in June, July and August since we reopened in 2014. And I see that continuing into the future. We still want the city support in two years when this contract is up, and we'll come back to the table and hope the city continues to support us like they have been. We want their support."

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