RIVER FALLS -- River Falls has received responses from citizens rating aspects of community and governance facets from the National Community Survey issued over the 2019 summer.

River Falls governmental officials sent out 1,700 paper surveys and also posted links to an online version on the city website. The 29% response rate was considered average and consistent with a city of River Falls' size and is similar to the city's historical response rate, according to Brandt Johnson, assistant to the River Falls city administrator.

The 2019 survey revealed positively trending attitudes toward quality of life, crime prevention and employment opportunities despite sinking rates for shopping opportunities, affordable quality housing and various housing options.

Most notably, respondents overwhelmingly approved of River Falls as a safe place in neighborhoods and downtown, revealing a 97% positive rating for each location. Respondents also rated River Falls as a good place to live and a place to raise children, with 90% and 92% respondents rating both items "excellent/positive."

High positive response ratings of 95% or above were also given to fire department quality, purchasing goods or services in River Falls and recycling at home.

Items with the lowest ratings for positive attitudes included affordable quality housing at 34%, bus or transit services at 29%, shopping opportunities at 26%, travel by public transportation at 25% and less than 15% contacted a River Falls employee or attended or watched governmental meetings.

The graphs convey trends in a handful of aspects which have seen rising and falling ratings over the years. A full look at the results of the 2019 survey and previous surveys are available at the city's website under the Government tab.