Name: Sharon Ornquist

Age: 58

Address: 9742 Ashland Ave.

Occupation: City clerk of City of St. Paul Park

Education: Some college education and a ton of life experiences

Family: I am one of seven children to Lorraine and “Sal” Mischke. I have two adult children: Kevin Gardner, his wife Katie and son Elliott. And Kristina Nyquist, her husband Ryan and sons Soren and Ezra. And two adult stepchildren.

Why are you qualified to serve as mayor?

For the past 22 years I have worked for the City of St. Paul Park serving as your city clerk. My experience as city clerk gives me great insight to the operations of the city and residents’ expectations. I believe my experience as city clerk makes me qualified to serve as mayor.

What is the biggest challenges facing St. Paul Park and how would you address it as mayor?

The biggest challenge facing St. Paul Park is its aging infrastructure, parks and facilities. Creating a long-range financial plan to replace our aging infrastructure, parks and facilities will help set goals and expectations for the city. In addition, residents will know exactly when things will be happening.

What life experiences would you bring to the job and how would they affect your decision making?

My life experiences have had and continue to have a positive impact on my life. I would bring what I have learned to the residents of St. Paul Park. As an entrepreneur it has taught me to be innovative. As an employee it has taught me to remain honest and hard working. As a single mom it has taught me to be resourceful. As a divorcee it has taught me to know who I am and that there are two sides to every story. As a resident it has taught me to be a good neighbor. As a lifetime resident to St. Paul Park it has taught me to be loyal and help those around me.

What will be your top priority if you are elected and why?

My top priority is to give our citizens a voice. How? By listening to our residents and by valuing the opinions and recommendations from our four advisory commissions. Also, by holding town hall meetings, our residents will have the opportunity to learn about upcoming projects, services available from the county and state, voice their concerns and needs, and hear from local officials.

What sets you apart from your opponent?

My experience as city clerk gives me great insight to the city’s operations and residents expectations. As a newly elected official, my creative thinking will bring fresh, new ideas and solutions. My desire is to give the citizens a voice that will help make St. Paul Park a great place to live, work and play!