RIVER FALLS, Wis. — As an effort to secure sustainable EMS services in the River Falls area, a request for proposal (RFP) will be sent to all known non-governmental EMS organizations within the next few weeks.

River Falls EMS is facing budget deficits that does not afford a long-term sustainable future.

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After some heated discussion at an EMS advisory board workshop, the River Falls City Council addressed the matter at its own respective workshop Oct. 22 where there was support for sending an RFP, EMS director Jason Stroud said.

The RFP will allow the city to make an informed decision regarding the potential for non-governmental EMS provisions and compare and contrast services.

Prior to the release of the RFP, no formal action by city council is necessary although the RFP will be sent to the Wisconsin League of Municipalities and will be posted on the River Falls’ city website.

Stroud said the RFP might be sent out as early as Nov. 8, but timing depends on a few factors.

If a non-governmental agency were chosen to provide services to the River Falls area, city council must approve the contract.

The council recently voted to continue to provide EMS services in 2020 to Prescott.

“The council approval for the 2020 contract is unrelated to the RFP matter. It was a course of business in order to be able to continue to provide EMS services to the Prescott Fire and EMS Association in 2020,” Stroud said.