HUDSON -- The Hudson Common Council approved a moratorium on annexations until it has a solution for increasing traffic in the Carmichael Corridor.

Development as well as its impact on the city has been a growing concern, specifically in the Carmichael corridor area that has seen several new developments in recent years.

Mayor Rich O’Connor said any future annexations would be to the east and south, meaning they would have an impact on the already-stressed Carmichael.

“We’ve heard enough from people in our city that have said Carmichael’s got to be fixed,” O’Connor said at the Monday, Nov. 18, meeting.

The city has met with with the state and St. Croix County, as well as elected officials, about the issue. The interchange between Carmichael Road and Interstate 94 falls under state concern, but the rest of the road does not.

“We need to express to them how serious we are, and this is a real problem,” he said.

The state has a proposal for the Carmichael and I-94 interchange, but the earliest work could be done would be 2025. O’Connor said it now seems it seems they’re not on schedule for that.

A moratorium shows the state how serious the problem is, O’Connor said. The area is an economic corridor for the county and the state, he said, and the state can’t afford to ignore the issue any longer.

“We have a problem, and because we’re way out on the far edge of the state and on the border we have just been ignored,” he said.

The moratorium also lets developers know that the city’s hands are tied, O’Connor said.

The moratorium is for up to one year, though it can be repealed earlier or extended.