HUDSON — Turnover of nearly half its members will bring a new look to the 2020 St. Croix County Board after the spring elections.

The filing period for the April 7 election closed Tuesday, Jan. 7, with nine of the board’s 19 supervisors submitting notifications of non-candidacy.

Board members opting out of the election are: Jim Endle, District 2-New Richmond; Lynda Miller, District 3-Hudson; Tom Coulter, District 4-North Hudson; Roy Sjoberg, District 5-Hudson; Buck Malick, District 6-Hudson; Tammy Moothedan, District 7-Hudson; Dan Fosterling, District 8-town of Hudson; Chairman Roger Larson, District 11-Star Prairie; and Nancy Hable, District 18-Baldwin.

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The election includes one pairing that is a rematch of a 2018 race that has yet to be settled in the courts. New Richmond residents Scottie Ard and Ryan Sherley both filed for County Board’s District 13 seat, which has remained vacant since the 2018 dead-heat election result led to a recount dispute that remained pending before the Wisconsin Supreme Court as of Wednesday, Jan. 8.

According to Wisconsin Campaign Finance Information System records, Sherley has also filed to run for Assembly District 29 as a Republican. Sherley did not immediately respond to an email Wednesday seeking clarification on his candidacies.

Candidates for County Board are as follows:

  • District 1 (town and village of Somerset): Ed Schachtner (incumbent) and Lisa Lind.
  • District 2 (towns of St. Joseph and Somerset): Shawn Anderson
  • District 3 (towns of Hudson and St. Joseph): Bob Long and Steven Mael
  • District 4 (town of Hudson and village of North Hudson): Robert Cizek and Cathy Leaf
  • District 5 (Hudson): Carah Koch and Tim Caruso
  • District 6 (Hudson and town of Hudson): Tim Hall
  • District 7 (Hudson): Andrew Hassan and Paul Berning
  • District 8 (town of Hudson): Rick Ottino
  • District 9 (town of Troy and River Falls): Bob Feidler (incumbent)
  • District 10 (towns of Kinnickinnic, Troy and River Falls): Jacquie Niccum and Dave Ostness (incumbent)
  • District 11 (towns of Stanton, Star Prairie and village of Star Prairie): Scott Counter and Gary Hanson
  • District 12 (town of Star Prairie and New Richmond): Daniel Hansen (incumbent) and Christopher Parent
  • District 13 (New Richmond): Scottie Ard and Ryan Sherley
  • District 14 (towns of Erin Prairie, Richmond and Warren): William Leber and Greg Tellijohn (incumbent)
  • District 15 (towns of Kinnickinnic, Pleasant Valley, Rush River, Warren and village of Roberts): David Peterson (incumbent)
  • District 16 (towns of Baldwin, Hammond and village of Hammond): Paulette Anderson (incumbent) and Brandon Perry
  • District 17 (towns of Cylon, Emerald, Forest, Glenwood, village of Deer Park and Glenwood City): Judy Achterhof (incumbent)
  • District 18 (town and village of Baldwin): Shelly Tomtschik
  • District 19 (towns of Cady, Eau Galle, Springfield and villages of Spring Valley, Wilson and Woodville): William Peavey (incumbent)