Red Wing City Council member Dean Hove was reelected president of the council during the city's organizational meeting on Jan. 7. Hove served as president in 2019 as well.

Q: Were you expecting to be nominated for president again this year? Why do you think the council unanimously voted for you?

A: We changed the rules from two-year terms for City Council officers just a year ago. The Red Wing City Council president, vice president and president pro-tem are now elected each January to a one-year term. The goal was leadership that is more responsive and accountable to the people.

There is no way to know how any election will end, but I had been asked if I would consider another year as president. I can’t speak to why my colleagues voted as they did, but we have seven independent voices on our City Council, and I try to always treat everyone fairly. I plan to spend this year earning the trust that has been placed in me. It is my great honor to serve.

Q: What topic(s) are you most interested in discussing and focusing on in 2020?

A: The Red Wing City Council is working to revitalize local small business and attract new companies. We plan to strengthen fire and police protection, as well as seek continued progress toward new affordable housing. We intend to keep our economy strong in order to provide opportunity to allow our citizens to thrive, and to plan for our future prosperity.

Q: What do you foresee to be the largest obstacle the council will face this year?

A: The city of Red Wing budget is a special challenge. To those who say their recent tax bill is too high, I agree. My goal is to keep tax increases at or below the rate of inflation. Over the years, our City Council has met that challenge.

We must continue to wring every ounce of service from each nickel of tax revenue in order to both maintain our high quality of life and keep Red Wing affordable. Wise long-term financial planning has allowed us an era of unprecedented progress. More than half of the Red Wing levy is paid by Xcel this year. We are already planning for a time when that number decreases.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to include about yourself/being named president again?

A: Red Wing has been blessed with very capable representation in the past, and our current City Council is a continuation of that great tradition. Our decisions are a combined effort that includes input from citizens and thorough discussion. We know people are busy, and we are truly grateful for their guidance.

Anyone can call me at home at 651-388-1072 or email me The very best ideas come directly from the public. Let’s continue to work together to keep Red Wing a safe, beautiful and prosperous city that is ready to meet the challenges of the future.