HUDSON -- Becky Eggen joined the city of Hudson as its new city clerk on Jan. 13. Eggen previously worked for the village of Baldwin as deputy clerk for more than eight years.

She wasn’t originally seeking a new position, but then she heard about the clerk opening at Hudson.

“I thought, you know, I’m ready. Let’s try it,” Eggen said.

The overall position and duties are the same as her previous job, but Hudson is a larger municipality with a more active voting base.

“The size is definitely a big change for me from Baldwin to here,” Eggen said.

Elections will be the main focus for Eggen in her first year, with spring and fall elections as well as a special congressional election.

“It’s a busy year to start,” she said.

The city is also implementing new electronic pollbooks, which Eggen is working on.

“I’d like to get this election streamline with the new pollbooks,” she said.

Eggen said the city staff is fantastic, and she’s looking forward to being a team player. She wants residents to know she’s there to help.

“I’m just hoping to make it a better place in here,” she said.

Eggen, a Baldwin native, worked for St. Croix County before joining the village of Baldwin. At the time, she had a young child and wanted to be closer to home.

“Now I have a teenager and I don’t have to be so close to home anymore,” she said.

Eggen is a die-hard Brewers fan, and a golfer as well.

“We stay pretty active with that kind of stuff,” she said.

She already spends a lot of time in Hudson, Eggen said.

“I plan to be planted here for quite a while,” she said. “It’s refreshing. I’m excited.”