Wisconsin spring elections will be April 7. Candidate filings closed in January, so now the campaigning begins.

Here is a look at who is running for office. An * indicates an incumbent.

Pierce County

County Board

There is only one contested race at this time.

District 1 - Robert Mercord*

District 2 - Jim Ashbach and Ruth Gredvig (write-in)

District 3 - Jon Aubart*

District 4 - Ruth Wood*

District 5 - Cecil Bjork*

District 6 - Michael Kahlow*

District 7 - Scott Bjork*

District 8 - Dean Bergseng*

District 9 - Paula Lugar*

District 10 - Rodney Gilles*

District 11 - Neil Gulbranson*

District 12 - Dale Auckland*

District 13 - Daniel Puhrmann

District 14 - Bill E. Schroeder*

District 15 - Jerry Kosin*

District 16 - Jeff Holst*

District 17 - Mel Pittman


Village Board

Five people are seeking three seats.

Michael J. Steele*

Dick Hines*

Rick Sweig*

Scott Feuerhelm

Becky Beissel

School Board

There are two candidates for the two seats.

Kurt Buckner*

Gary Kressin*

Bay City

Village Board

Both races are unopposed.

Trustee No. 2 - Norm Baker*

Trustee No. 4 - Roger Spindler


Village Board

Four people are vying for three seats

Marge Binkowski*

Josh Bleskacek*

Rick Stohr*

Pat Geraets

School Board

Five people are running for two seats, so there is a primary election.

Patrick Geraets

Andrew A. Zierl

Bernard M. Christman*

Troy Steinmeyer

Brooke Glaus*

Maiden Rock

Village Board

Village trustee - Cynde Randall*

Plum City

Village Board

Peggy Gilles*

Kent Gilles*

School Board

Lisa DeLong

Katie George


Municipal Court Judge

Patrick Eich*

Common Council

Mayor - David Hovel*

Alderperson At Large - Darlyn Hintz*

Alderperson Ward 3 & 4 - Tom Oss

School Board

Steve Sizemore*

River Falls

City Council

There are two contested races.

Mayor - Dan Toland* and Aaron Taylor

District 4 - Todd Bjerstedt* and Nathan Stauner

At-large - Scott Morrissette*

School Board

Six people are seeking three seats.

Bob Casey

Stacy Johnson Myers*

Thong T. Moua

Todd Schultz (appointed)

Maren Valentine

Patsy Werwie

Spring Valley

Village Board

There are four people seeking three seats

Matt Huepfel*

Rich O’Connell*

Kevin Olson

Tony Vodnik

School Board

Four people are seeking three seats.

Bobbie Jaeger*

Matthew Schreiber*

Cristy Peavy

Alicia Achen Cosgrove

For a list of Pierce County town candidates click here.