PRESCOTT -- Prescott Health and Safety Committee picked up where it left off last year on discussing the future of Prescott Daze.

Jayne Brand, Prescott City administrator, began Monday's meeting with a recap of concerns the city's insurance agency has regarding Prescott Daze, specifically for vendors' private insurance and activities that serve alcohol.

Last November, the committee discussed the city relinquishing control over Prescott Daze, insurance liability and various sanctioned and unsanctioned events.

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Around 15 to 20 people showed up to Monday's meeting including several representatives from the Prescott Daze Committee.

The group identified the possibility of the committee becoming a subcommittee of the City Council and thus more transparent.

If that were to happen, Prescott Daze subcommittee members would have to be approved by the city and meeting agendas publicly posted. An alderperson would have to serve on the subcommittee. Meeting minutes would be submitted and approved by the city, an action that fell out of practice over the years, according to Chris Hanson, Prescott Daze committee member.

The group also discussed having each vendor and parade participant complete certificate of liability insurance forms.

“The last thing we want is to have Prescott Daze not occur,” Alderperson Bailey Ruona said.

The Prescott Daze Committee had been placing both sanctioned and unsanctioned events on its Prescott Daze flyer as a courtesy to other organizations hosting activities that weekend. Alderperson Maureen Otwell pointed out that might be confusing.

“It’s muddying the water when a person who isn't involved looks at who they are going to sue,” Otwell said.

Hanson said that if people are going to sue, they are going to sue everyone regardless if the incident happened at a sanctioned or unsanctioned event.

It was decided that the Prescott Daze Committee would round up information on the process for organizing the annual event to present to the Health and Safety Committee.

“I don't know how we can make a decision not knowing what the process currently is,” Ruona said.

The Prescott Daze Committee will have 30 days to round up the current forms they use for the event and put together documentation explaining how they go about the various aspects of the event. The information will be looked at by the Health and Safety Committee and any further concerns with the city's insurance's will be taken into consideration, before any decisions are made. City staff will work with the insurance company on the procedures they would like to see to create less liability for the city.

"I can't imagine not having Prescott Daze," Otwell said