All 19 St. Croix County Board seats are up for election this year.

The Star-Observer reached out to all candidates in contested races to answer the following questions:

  • 1. Why are you running for St. Croix County Board?
  • 2. What is the most important issue for your district and what would you do about it?

District 1

Ed Schachtner (i)

No response received.

Lisa Lind

Lisa Lind
Lisa Lind

Age: 54

Residence: Somerset

Occupation: RN

Education: ADN

Civic involvement: Church worship leader

Family: Husband, Grant; daughters Trissa and Sydnee, stepson Tyler

1. As a member of St. Croix County since 2003 and Somerset since 2015, I love this area and its community feel ... with a front row seat to property taxes dramatically increasing, I have chosen to roll up my sleeves and become part of a solution instead of simply complaining to our tax preparer.

2. Transportation has several arms currently under review in St. Croix County. From public transportation to bike paths and road maintenance, my plans are for careful evaluation with an emphasis on holding down the tax burden, as well as prioritizing the wishes of all community members.

District 3

Bob Long

Bob Long
Bob Long

Age: 64

Address: 1045 Labarge Road, Hudson

Occupation: Senior Consultant, ASC (software provider to the retirement plan industry)

Education: BS Business Administration, Manchester University, North Manchester, Indiana

Civic involvement: Local: Former St Croix County Supervisor, Vice Chair Health & Human Services Board, Member St Croix County Water Quality Study Group, Phipps Festival Chorus. Prior: Hudson Hockey Association, HS Gymnastics, coaching Booster softball. Prior national: American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries: Board of Directors, Executive Committee as Vice President and Treasurer; American Institute for Retirement Education: Board of Managers; Greater Twin Cities ASPPA Benefits Council (Board of Directors and inaugural President)

Family: Wife, Sandy; three children, six grandchildren

1. Having served on the County Board representing District 6, I’m well aware of the challenges facing our county. My biggest concern and reason for running is the unsustainable spending and borrowing habits demonstrated in the past six years: over $75 million borrowed without taxpayer approval and increased operating expenditures of over $34 million (almost a 50% increase). These spending habits must stop. We need to re-prioritize our focus to support needed services (e.g. child protection, elderly, disabled, veterans, roads and public safety) rather than borrow money for ancillary, non-essential projects. While I support the development of bike/pedestrian paths, they should be privately funded, not taxpayer subsidized. I also support restoring full county-funding for the Hudson Area Joint Library and oppose those who desire to bring taxpayer subsidized mass transit to St Croix County.

2. While there are several important issues for my district, the most important is clearly to hold the line on taxes, if not reduce them, while at the same time assuring critical services are supported. My desire is to accelerate the budget process and work more closely with the county administrator to be sure spending is in check and borrowing minimized. For District 3, public protection (including fire and EMT services), roads and water quality are also important issues.

Steven Mael

Steven Mael
Steven Mael

Age: 60

Residence: 1096 Golden Oaks Drive

Occupation: Deliver used vehicle parts

Education: Police Science Associate's Degree; Wisconsin State Patrol graduate

Civic Involvement: State of Wisconsin Police Officer, 27.75 years; Village of DeForest Trustee, 1 year

Family: Stacy, spouse

1. Government spending is selfish, our county included; feeling privileged, entitled and implementing plans, then expecting everyone to pay.The elderly built our communities, paid for your children’s educations and this exorbitantly wonderful quality of life we enjoy, paying ever increasing taxes to keep homes they’ve lived in for 50 years; leaving them wondering if they can pay their water, heat or electric bills, buy gas or groceries, or take medications.

Avoidable taxes are disrespectful to the citizenry. We could cut 10 to as much as 20% off our tax bills if government just used the good sense. Only spend what we need to spend, and then spend less. Status quo says spend like there will always be more than enough! We can spend less.

Additionally, this area has debated if we can afford ambulances. Should we even consider driving empty buses around dumping huge quantities of carbon into our atmosphere?

2. Be a good steward of the citizen’s taxes; and honor the United States Constitution and its amendments as they are written. I believe that the County Board can do this by lowering St. Croix County citizens' tax burden; and working to ensure that our unique USA values are upheld and understood, and our God-given and guaranteed rights are dutifully kept.

District 4

Robert Cizek

Declined to participate.

Cathy Leaf

Cathy Leaf
Cathy Leaf

Age: 47

Residence: North Hudson

Education: Bachelor of Science in agricultural education, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Civic involvement: North Hudson Village trustee, Hudson Marching Band Parent Group, The Longer Table volunteer, St. Croix-Chequamegon Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

Family: Married 19 years, one son, two stepchildren

1. I want to serve as a fresh face on the St. Croix County Board to help build policy that moves this county forward, to make the county an even greater place to live, work and raise a family. As a trustee on the North Hudson Village Board, I've had the opportunity to serve on both the Public Safety and Public Welfare committees. I have a passion for issues related to the environment, public health, safety and transportation – all to make lives better. My experience in local government has helped me to understand the issues that are of concern to our residents.

2. The county faces numerous critical issues as the fastest growing county, and they all boil down to improving the quality of life. These include fostering public safety with the COVID-19 crisis, generating living-wage jobs, finding affordable solutions to address transportation needs, promoting economic development opportunities that bring family-sustaining jobs, assuring access to clean water and addressing mental health challenges. Affordable housing for seniors and families is another challenge. Are our services keeping up with changing demographics? We need to look at the impact our aging population is having on local services.

We should be forward thinking in planning for growth and maintaining infrastructure, while still preserving the things we love most about living here - waterways and parks. The challenge is to do this within strict levy caps and reduced state aid. We must develop creative ways to do more with less. I will be a fresh face on the county board able to look at these issues in a new light.

District 5

Carah Koch

Carah Koch
Carah Koch

Age: 48

Residence: 503 Fourth St.

Occupation: Executive director Dakota Broadband Board

Education: Master's in public and nonprofit administration, Metropolitan State University; Bachelor's in political science, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Civic involvement: Hudson Dog Owners Association (Hudson Dog Park); Hudson Rotary ; Hudson Board of Zoning Appeals Alternate; St Croix County Board Supervisor District 6 (2015-2016); Hudson alderperson District 6 (2003-2007)

Family: Husband, Matt; two daughters, Maiya and Madison

1. I believe that there is real value in serving others, and throughout my life I have been involved in my community as a volunteer or board member for a variety of nonprofits, as a member of citizen advisory boards/committees in the communities I have lived in, or as an elected representative. I enjoy engaging with my neighbors and members of my community to solve challenging public issues, and strive to facilitate compromise and collaboration between stakeholders with different perspectives that can create positive outcomes.

My family and I have lived in Hudson for almost 20 years, and I love this city, this county, and the St Croix River Valley. My experience in local government, as well as my professional background in strategic planning, project management, and organizational administration, will enable me to begin working for the citizens of District 5 on Day 1.

2. If you ask the residents of District 5 what the most important issue is for them, I suspect you will hear about a variety of critical items. These could include addressing mental health issues and overall health care challenges, promoting a vibrant business community, the protection of our environment and our unique natural resources, public safety, transportation planning, the efficient use of taxpayer dollars, or ensuring that county residents and businesses have access to core infrastructure needs like internet services. As County Board supervisor I would actively engage with county residents and staff, as well as promote collaborative partnerships with the business and nonprofit community, to develop an approach to strategically address these concerns. I believe that ongoing communication is key, and I would support the implementation of new ways to capture resident feedback so the county board can be confident that it is serving the needs of its citizens.

Tim Caruso

Tim Caruso
Tim Caruso

Age: 64

Residence: 1128 Third St.

Occupation: Retired/sales

Education: UWRF business and accounting Degrees with government emphasis

Civic involvement: Hudson Public Water Utility 25 years; Cubmaster/ Scoutmaster 10 years

Family: Betty, Katy, Ricky, Franky, Nicky, Tony and five grandchildren

1. Experience! In 1987, I took a class at UWRF called Urban Economics explaining how utilities can justify any increase. How “impact fees” can stop those increases, yet give the money needed to increase capacity. In 1989, I joined the Hudson Public Water Utility. By 1993 we adopted impact fees and our last rate increase was 1995. I retired as director in 2015, and you had your first rate increase in over 22 years in 2018. The next closest city of the 604 Public Utilities in Wisconsin is eight years! Impact fees removed the need to increase rates on you, the existing rate payer. I said “As long as I’m with the utility, with impact fees in place, and the new meters installed, which captures every drop of flow revenue (old ones didn’t collect revenue on slow drips), we will NEVER need an increase if we live within our means!”

2. Taxes! I’m as concerned about clean water, the environment, the opioid crisis, and good schools, among a host of other issues, as anyone. This new virus crisis has many of us in a precarious income situation as well. But our taxes which have increased almost 50% since 2014, should be our first concern, all else comes second. Whether you have a fixed income, own your own business (I owned a business for years, while feeding five little mouths), get a paycheck working for private or government, we as supervisors must understand the impact any increase has on people.

Personal “wish lists,” ”pet projects” or “agenda’s" affect taxes period! When I hear adding a “carbon tax” or any additional tax/fee with the candidate deadline date approaching and there’s no opposition candidate running, it would be like saying “It’s OK, spend as usual.” With my experience, I simply felt compelled to run.

District 7

Andrew Hassan

Andrew Hassan
Andrew Hassan

Age: 36

Residence: Hudson

Occupation: Capital One area sales manager

Education: St. Cloud State University

Civic Involvement: Hudson Utilities Commission president, Elder Hudson Inclusion Alliance, Herb Brooks Rink Rats program, Boys and Girls Club of America volunteer

Family: Wife, Stacy, children Ethan (7) and Evan Hassan (5).

1. I’m running for County Board because I care a whole awful lot about this community and the people that live here. I joined the Hudson Utilities commission almost seven years ago. I did this because water conservation and protecting our aquifers is critical to our community and longevity. I was elected as the vice-chairman and now president of the commission. Being exposed to this part of the city's economy has opened my eyes to other areas of opportunity not only in Hudson but St Croix County as a whole. My parents were/are state and federal employees.

I want to be on the county commission because I am an active and concerned citizen, I am a father, a taxpayer, I believe in empathy and I believe we should and can run this county in a fiscally responsible manner without overzealous spending at the taxpayers expense.

2. Most people’s “issue” is taxes, I agree we need to find options to alleviate this expense. Issues I’m most focused on are:

We’re taking proactive measures to ensure our water is clean. We can be doing more. Making overdue, needed upgrades and repairs to our treatment plant is No. 1. This plant safeguards our entire system. Continued maintenance is essential to safeguarding water resources.

We have a serious problem with drugs and alcohol. We have little to no resources to help keep the families of addicts together. With only 2 social workers overseeing 1200+ kids we cannot expect positive results. We need to look at other resources.

Whether it’s sidewalks, lack of parking, busted roads or lack of ride options for people who need to work, seniors who need to get to the store, special needs folks who need to work or go to school, Hudson has a transportation issue. A good start would be do what River Falls does and bring “Curb to curb” here. With no hit to taxpayers.

Paul Berning

Paul Berning
Paul Berning

Age: 39

Residence: Hudson, Red Cedar Canyon

Occupation: Business consultant/small-business owner

Education: Good Shepherd Christian Academy in River Falls, Attended UWRF 1999-2000; 2002

Civic involvement: Daybreak Rotarian, Hudson Area Library Board president, Hudson Soccer Association coach

Family: wife, Breanne; children Dominick, 13, Chase, 12, Mason, 10, Jordyn, 8.

1. The County's Budget has seen a massive increase from $70 million to $104 million. We’ve also seen our debt obligation soar from around $5 million to almost $80 million. While some increases were necessary to combat the mental health crisis and the drug addiction problem in our county, there is little to no resistance and no consideration of alternate ideas. A common theme I hear in the Hudson area is taxes are way too high. If elected, I would take the practices used in the library board to make a budget that allows our personnel the ability to advance, have competitive wages, and deliver services that have a nominal impact to taxpayers. I’ve watched as this county board has put to referenda several partisan-intended issues onto the ballot, while ignoring putting almost $80 million and borrowing in front of Taxpayers. If elected, if borrowing seems necessary, and all options are looked at, I will make sure you have a say.

2. There are several critical issues that we face from a county perspective. The top one is property taxes. In general, Hudson residents are hit hard because of the property values, coupled with the county being near levy limits. While our county continues to see growth, as a board we will need to ensure that our citizens who have seen these massive increases are spelled with real property tax relief in the future and allow this growth to catch up to the current spending. Especially with what is happening in our country right now, we need to be even more vigilant with our taxpayers’ money. If elected, I will lead this charge.

District 10

Jacquie Niccum

Jacquie Niccum
Jacquie Niccum

Residence: 2663 Hilltop Lane, River Falls

Occupation: Retired after 30 Years with American Airlines

Education: UWRF, business administration

Civic Involvement: St Croix County Transit Commission, River Falls Public Housing Authority, Journey Church Board

Family: Four young adult grandchildren

1. How did you react to your recent property tax bill? I wasn’t thrilled with mine! And I imagine that you weren’t either. Our county departments should examine every dollar they spend because those dollars come out of your pocket. It’s time for a change. Common sense should prevail but a fresh look is in order! Many of the current board members have been in place for a number of years. In the last three years the property tax levy has increased 17%. This is unsustainable. It is important to limit the growth of government in any way possible while still providing needed services. I am running for County Board supervisor in District 10 in an attempt to limit unnecessary spending.

2. Our population will continue to grow as St Croix County is a desirable place to live and raise a family. County government is charged with providing services that promote the safety, health and welfare of our citizens. Those basic services are complex and costly. Our veterans, the vulnerable, the disabled, and elderly should all have access for their needs. Water quality, transportation, and affordable housing issues are not going away. Supervisors are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the use of tax dollars as efficiently as possible. My focus would be on providing needed services but also look for areas where we can limit the growth of government and cut out wasteful or special interest spending.

Dave Ostness (i)

No response received.

District 11

Gary Hanson

Gary Hanson
Gary Hanson

Age: 65

Address: 1881 County Road C, Somerset

Occupation: Owner or Bake Star Inc.. Formerly: 20 years as a new product development engineer and hazardous waste coordinator for the Commercial Office Supply Division/3M, having 9 U..S .patents in my name.

Education: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology, University of Minnesota; business management/Machine Tooling Technics WITC, New Richmond

Civic involvement: Elected leadership positions at Congress Minneapolis Neighborhoods, four years; WITC, three years; 5th District IRP, six years. Served on Town of Star Prairie Zoning Planning Group, Star Prairie Boundary Agreement task force. Involved in Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics; Jr. Achievement, Sons of the American Legion, Sanitation Bakery Standards Board, WITC Student Senate/Alumni, Star Prairie Ride, Toys for Tots, Neighborhood Watch

Family: One of my brothers lives with me. I have never been married and have no children of my own, although I have been a foster parent to children in Malaysia and the Philippines.

1. The issues facing the St. Croix County Board are becoming more complex, from such issues as Public Transportation through to the Public’s Right to Know. As a professional engineer and a small-business owner, I am proactive, exposing issues, researching solutions and getting good value for the money we spend. I believe in personal property rights, within code and in the community interest.

The County Board should do referendums before committing millions of dollars in borrowing for special projects like the County Nursing Home ($20 million+$8 million financing), consolidation of the County Highway Offices ($27 million+$9 million financing), bike/ped paths ($33 to $100 million)], stopping cost overruns, needless borrowing and raiding funds committed for other projects.

Although I am not an incumbent, I would want to serve on the Community Development and the Transportation Committees.

2. District 11 is rural. We need to make sure the board doesn’t overlook our concerns, using us as a cash cow for their urban fantasies.

  • Save for projects rather than borrowing, saving 30% on taxpayer’s cost.
  • Clean waters. -- allowing small dairy farmer co-ops the economies of scale that allows concentrated animal feeding operations to build large concrete-lined digesters instead of clay-lined holding ponds.
  • Opioid crisis -- stop treating prescription users like criminals and guinea pigs (forcing excess doctor visits and costly unproven alternate treatment).
  • Mental health/suicide prevention - Provide empathy classes in schools and teach that great bodily injury hurts.
  • Affordable transportation -- Recruit local Uber/Lyft drivers, grants for programs, provide subsidized vans for other volunteer programs. The Metro Style Countywide Bus Service the progressives on the County Board have proposed is premature because St. Croix does not have the ridership numbers.
  • Stop push for St. Croix to become a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants.

As an engineer, it’s distressing when government acts as an adversary to business, farms, development and private homeowners, we must work together.

I will help bring Conservative balance back to the County Board.

Scott Counter

No response received.

District 12

Dan Hansen (i)

Dan Hansen
Dan Hansen

Age: 57

Residence: New Richmond

Occupation: Retired

Education: B.S. Business UW Stout

Civic involvement: Chamber of Commerce, St. Croix Water Alliance, BSA merit badge counselor, New Richmond Community Chorus, New Richmond UMC Choir, WI Farmer's Union, Volunteer at St. Croix County Health Center

Family: Wife, Jane Knutson Hansen; two adult children and three grandchildren.

1. It is important to me to maintain high quality services offered by the county. My ethic is that government provides for the health, safety and welfare of the population. As we now face a health care crisis that has caused a financial crisis for the lowest income residents these values are more critical than ever.

2. The most important issue facing St. Croix County is keeping our citizens safe and protected. Public Health, Sheriff's Department, Medical Examiner are all on the front line, and in this time of crisis they must get whatever resources they need to help protect themselves while continuing to serve the public.

Christopher Parent

Christopher Parent
Christopher Parent

Age: 50

Residence: North Fifth Street, New Richmond

Occupation: Skilled trade

Education: Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College – Two Year Degree

Civic involvement: Political watchdog

Family: Single with two daughters, Alexandra and Taylor

1. I truly want to help by offering real world solutions. For the last eight years, our County Board has been dominated by a group that has more concern with pushing their political patrician agenda and little concern for the taxpayers. Their goals are to implement the following: a carbon tax, a prevailing wage for vendors, a bike path that links our cities, mass transit between our cities, running the Twin Cities Light Rail to Hudson, and to become a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

They increased spending by an average of just over 7.5% per year over the last six years. This is a total increase of 46% while average wages in Wisconsin increased by 12%. Our spending should not be growing faster than our wallets do. This madness really needs to stop and I will do my part by replacing our current county supervisor.

2. On the campaign trail, I visited with hundreds of constituents at their homes. I learned their greatest concerns are the recent property tax increases and the additional increases resulting from the upcoming appraisals. We are a working class district where a lot of families are living paycheck to paycheck. Our governor, legislators, county board members, school board members, city council members and town board members, likely don’t realize the impact of their individual additions to our property tax bills. When added together, they can impose real hardship on some of our residents.

I want to implement a plan for prosperity which segregates our needs from our wants. We must fully fund our needs while slowly funding our wants as revenue becomes available, without going further into debt or increasing taxes.

District 13

Scottie E. Ard

Scottie E. Ard
Scottie E. Ard

Residence: New Richmond

Occupation: Housing navigator, HPP, PSH, HQS; Salvation Army Western Wisconsin Region

Education: Bachelor of Science – communications/political science/public policy University of Wisconsin Superior, ASCP – College of Saint Catherine’s

Civic involvement: Advocate for seniors and the disabled, Chamber of Commerce, St. Croix EDC, Friends of the St. Croix County Health and Rehab Center, Responsible Energy, POC Vietnam Veterans Commemoration, supporter of the Friday Memorial Library and Salvation Army Grace Place.

Family: Three sisters, three brothers, two fur babies

1. Service to my community has always been my commitment and passion. We are and will be facing challenges which will require knowledge, experience and commitment to overcome. I have served the city of New Richmond and St. Croix County with diligence and a commitment to every resident. I am running to continue to speak for those whose voice is not heard; as well as to address issues and develop solutions which preserve our rural environment while embracing growth.

2. The consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic is already taking a toll on residents. Work furloughs, reduced hours and closures may leave many in financial straits. My priority at this time is to work with local, county, state and federal agencies as well as the many nonprofits in our area to enable residents to overcome the challenges many currently face.

Ryan Sherley

Ryan Sherley
Ryan Sherley

Age: 40

Residence: New Richmond

Occupation: Owner of A & K Construction

Education: B.S. from Arizona State University

Civic involvement: Member of executive boards in our community, sports coach of several years, Eagle Scout, and member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Family: wife, Jenny; boys 6 & 11

1. I am running to bring sanity back to our county government. The finances are managed at a pace that the taxpayers cannot and no longer want to keep up with. The Community Development department is run as a dictatorship, and not the customer service atmosphere that it should be.

And finally, the citizens of St. Croix County in my district are tired of not being heard. Our county has an opportunity to capitalize on the higher taxes of our neighboring states, and creating business friendliness by running our county finances and development like a business. Let our citizens be heard and not just viewed as a pocketbook to fleece for more programs and projects we cannot afford.

2. The most important issue for my district is the citizens being heard. This district went for 22 months without a voice in our county government. My district deserves the candidate that they choose and not the one that the court chose for them through. Elections need to be decided by the voters, and this is their choice to be heard. I just hope that the 2018 election didn’t disenfranchise too many people. This county can get back on track with your help. There are clear differences in the candidates, so please take a moment to find that out. I ask for your vote and support moving St. Croix County forward for us all.

District 14

William Leber

William Leber
William Leber

Age: 60

Residence: 1122 100th St.

Occupation: Aviation leader and professional, fish farmer, business owner

Education: Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Administration, Saint Louis University (Federal)

Civic involvement: National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, numerous committees with the Federal Aviation Administration, TWU Local 540/543 smf Airline Dispatchers Federation

Family: wife, Sere; three sons. WIlliam III, Richard and Daniel

1. My wife and I have traveled all over this world and our great country both for business and pleasure. We‘ve seen civic success, failure, and everything from ruinous sprawl to successful growth, from economic expansion to contraction and civic decay.

We’ve spent the later half of our lives residing in this county, raising our children here, and enjoyed much of what Saint Croix Valley and our county has to offer. But, we have also been busy, really busy, like so many parents and newer residents, raising our family.

I am running because it’s now time to serve, and to give something back. I’ll bring collaborative skills in service to St. Croix County. I also know that effective, smarter government decisions can be seen and felt by everyone but mostly by the many great people living here. I understand the difference good decisions make and that is why I am running.

2. District 14 is a rural district, it includes two basic constituents: The farming community and other residents seeking the freedom, privacy, acreage and peaceful beauty of our county and its blessed rural settings. Oddly enough the most important issue for District 14 is technology, yes technology. Although, admittedly, without fiscal responsibility, technology will not be able to help those living in District 14 to access the transformation new technology promises us. Don’t believe it? Take a closer look at farming and what is coming in transportation.

There is even more tech transformation coming, but the first wave must be full access to the internet, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT). As supervisor I will insist on cutting bureaucracy, removing excuses for denying rural residents access options, demanding priority for the fastest growing county in the state and insisting on providing technology access to every single resident of this district.

Greg Tellijohn

Greg Tellijohn
Greg Tellijohn

Age: 69

Residence: 1765 178th Ave., New Richmond

Occupation: Owner of Digital Garage in Hudson

Education: BS from UW-Eau Claire in math/computer science

Civic involvement: New Richmond School Board 11 years serving as clerk and president, St. Croix County Board Supervisor two years, WITC Advisory Committee, Cylon Cemetery Association president, New Richmond United Methodist Church, New Richmond and Hudson chambers of commerce, currently filling vacancy for District 14 County Board.

Family: Daughter, Megan Wood; so,n Eric Tellijohn

1. I think it is important to be involved and give back to the community that you live in. I had served several years ago on the County Board when there were 31 members and learned a lot about our local government. Several residents had asked me to run for supervisor again and now with 19 members I think I could be an effective member of St. Croix County Board. There are several issues I would like to be involved in such as the lack of a public or private affordable transportation system for our aging, disabled and low income residents to get better paying jobs, get to health care appointments or secondary schools.Mental Health is another very important concern of mine.

2. In speaking with the townships that I represent it is the lack of highway funds to maintain our local roads and bridges, They are not able to keep up with fixing and replacing our local roads.

I believe we have a need for a better mental health system in our region. Whether it is adolescents in crisis to our family farmers who are under tremendous stresses as they try to continue farming in a depressed agricultural economy. We need a regional support facility and to remove the stigma of mental health.

District 16

Paulette Anderson (i)

Paulette Anderson
Paulette Anderson

Age: 67

Residence: Town of Hammond

Occupation: Director of St Croix Central Community Education

Education: UWRF 1970-1974

Civic Involvement: Town of Hammond supervisor 15 years, Hammond Park Board 13 years, Hammond Arts Alliance director 24 years, unicycle instructor for SCCCE, community dinner host at Hammond Assisted Living, Roberts/Hammond Nutrition Site Board, St Croix County Board supervisor six years

Spouse: Joseph Anderson

1. I think it is important to serve and help make our county a better place to live.

2. Affordable housing. Try to find funding and builders for affordable housing in my district and the county.

Brandon Perry

Brandon Perry
Brandon Perry

Age: 41

Residence: Town of Hammond

Occupation: CEO-president of The Fortress Project Inc., a faith based nonprofit construction company

Education: B.A. in organizational management and communications, Concordia University in St. Paul

Civic involvement: Hudson Daybreak Rotary Club, active in youth ministry since 2000

Family: wife, Jessica; seven children ranging from 3 to 15,

1. I am running for the St. Croix County Board because I am passionate about our community and I want to give voters a true and active voice which will represent them and listen to their concerns about how their money is being spent. The lives of those in St. Croix County are important to me including my own family and children. This means that the future of St. Croix County is important to me. I want to step up and play an active role helping form what the future of St. Croix County will look like for generations to come, while assuring voters that St. Croix County will be fiscally responsible with their tax dollars.

2. The most important issue in our district is how our tax dollars are being utilized and managed -- fiscal responsibility. The operating budget has increased almost 50% in the past six years, borrowing has increased in an excess of $75 million including the new $27 million highway facility, and the current supervisor has been in favor of all of the increased spending and acquiring of debt obligation, without referring it to the voters. I will be a voice for fiscal responsibility in our district and represent our voter’s desire to keep the county taxes as low as possible and out of their personal finances. While still prioritizing the lives of those in the St. Croix County and helping shape our district and St. Croix County for future generations.